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7 Prayers That Changed My Heart for My Husband

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I have known my husband for 33 years. We dated on and off for four years, from sophomore year through college. We were engaged for less than a year. We have been married for over 28 years. Add in three kids, a pet zoo, some big moves, and a son who has battled cancer twice, and we’ve been together for a very long time. And most of it was rough.

During our sporadic dating period in the early days, we always remained at least close friends. But he told me that he couldn’t get close to me. me he loved I wanted him to be with me all the time.

I hear your collective “awww’s.” Because it sounds sweet and perfect and romantic, right?

Not if you look at the other side of the photo. that will be my side. While we were in a relationship, my parents’ relationship fell apart, becoming half a brick by a brick. A slow, ugly death involving countless lies and another woman.

When I met my husband, I had a father. When I married her husband, I didn’t. Not only did my father check out a quarter century with her mother, but he completely abandoned me after 19 years of what I thought was a wonderful childhood.

To say I was extreme doesn’t begin to describe the aftermath of their divorce. . . leaving you?

On my wedding day, my husband walked me down the aisle because he loved me. I was desperate for love, so I walked down the aisle.

I’m sure you can see the problem. i couldn’t. And that was shown in the same fight we had over and over.At 13 she had 3 kids and I had a choice. Either stay with this guy I’m “stuck” or abandon my family like my father did.No, I will never leave my child, but otherwise their Dad, they won’t be the same. They would lose the security I was desperate to find.

I stayed because it was the right thing to do. But I wanted more than the marital turmoil that helped.Something had to change. I needed glue to keep my husband and I together. That glue turned out to be divine. he is truly a savior.

I started praying for my husband 14 years ago. I wish I had prayed for the remaining 14 of hers. The road would have looked so different. Instead of being resentful of the man God gave me, I would have been grateful.

It took me half my marriage to realize what I had all along. I couldn’t get past me I couldn’t let go of past frustrations. She couldn’t “see” her husband for who he really was. His father kept getting in the way.

Today my husband is my favorite dinner date. My first choice movie companion. My favorite travel companion. My friend. my refuge.my ManSitting next to him calms me down. Sharing my life with him makes me stronger.

God did it. From the moment I stopped taking my frustrations out on her husband and started telling God about it, he began to develop a love between us that I never thought I would have.

Have you found someone your soul loves? Do you need to fall in love with your husband again? Or for the first time? did you get married for a day one year? A quarter century? Now is the time to pray. If you don’t know where to start this is what helps me.

your own personal download Click here for a PDF copy of these beautiful prayers for your husband. Print these out and keep them by your bedside, in your car, or at work to remind yourself of the power of praying for your loved ones!

1. Gratitude

Lord, this first prayer is not for my husband, but for me. Thank you for giving him to me and me to him. You knew what you were doing all along. His trait that used to drive me crazy is now a strength that fills in the places I struggle. we complement each other. When I make you the glue we are stronger together than we were apart.Thank you for letting her husband into my life.

2. Protect your ties

You gave my husband and I to each other. You blessed our union. We know you want it to work more than we do. Please protect our bond. Let my husband’s heart and eyes turn to me. Remove temptation. Stop thoughts that keep him away. Put a wall around our relationship and keep just the three of us. If you are in the middle, we can face anything. Thank you for the man you are shaping him for.

3. Help him

When your husband is tired and overwhelmed, will you help him? Will you renew his spirit with your own? From the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed, give him what he needs to be his husband, his father, his employee, his friend. If he seems to give up, give him a reason to keep going. Bless him every day and remind him that he is never alone.

4. Be His First Love

Jesus, I know that in order for my husband to love me, he must love you first. speak to his heart. Whisper to him at the most important moment. Show him that he can trust you. Love him so strongly that he doesn’t need to look for another. Be his everything.

5. Let me see me through your eyes

Living with me is not always pleasant. Even in the best of circumstances, nerves can be worn down. I know I’m not the easiest person to be with. Give my husband your heart when it comes to me. Let him see me the way you do. Saturate him with patience when he gets frustrated. Show him why I do and say what I do. And turn around and do the same for me.

6. Keep him safe

Lord, I love this man you gave me with all my heart and soul. I want to live with him, I want to grow old with him, I want to rock his grandchildren with him.Every time he goes out, take him home. walk in front of him Keep him safe physically, emotionally and mentally. take care of him

7. Bless his work

My husband works hard. Her duties must be overwhelming. Defend his role as our provider. Our family needs his income and benefits. And he needs to feel recognized at work. Bless them both. Give him the love of his work that only you can do. Or find him a new job exactly where you want. Lord, work is a big part of his life. Bless him while he is there. The good he does carries farther than he knows. Help him see that he’s making so many changes in his life.

A final note: This article does not address emotional or physical abuse in marriage. not intended. Yes, prayer makes a big difference. But if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, put yourself in a safe place and seek help to find professional counseling to deal with these issues. I love you, so I’m praying for you.

Lori Freeland Author, editor, writing coach, wife, mother, creator of the imaginary person, not necessarily in that order. Acquired editor of Armonia Publishing, former editor of The Christian Pulse, and regular contributor to Crosswalk.com, she has written fiction and non-fiction in several genres and has conducted numerous writing workshops around the country. I’m here. When she’s not curling up with her husband who drinks too much coffee and worries about the kids, you can find her blog at lafreeland.com.

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