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Toyota C-HR Prologue Concept previews second-gen subcompact CUV

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Before Toyota hit the market with its high-riding coupe known as the C-HR, the automaker unveiled two concepts at the 2014 and 2015 European auto shows. So it’s time for another concept. First drawn by the automaker’s European Design Development Center, the French-based designer is back with his second one called the C-HR Prologue His Concept.

The design details of the first concept had names like the diamond shape of the sheet metal and the keen look of the front fascia. The new concept is touted as even bolder with shorter overhangs, ‘diamond cut’ sheet metal, a ‘hammerhead’ face and a tri-tone color scheme. Pictures show how the new concept has evolved since the 2015 edition. Tritones may be a bridge too far, but much of what we see can be what we get.

The big news is the addition of a plug-in hybrid powertrain for the European market. This is the internals borrowed from the new Prius Prime. It joins two standard hybrid models, one with 122 hp trim and 1.8 liter heart and the other with 184 hp trim and 2.0 liter heart. If the Prius’ power figures carry over, perhaps the C-HR in top trim given the GR moniker will rise to 220 horsepower. A more modest power boost closer to 200 horses is a better bet.Project manager Andrea Carucci said he will continue with his version of the 1.8-liter to keep the C-HR affordable I was.

Toyota did not mention battery It just says that the pack is manufactured in Europe. And with its successful entry into the C segment, there are no details about what else to expect, other than more interior room.

No hybrids are available, limiting the market to non-hybrid 144-horsepower 2.0-liter petrol engines. If the previous concept-to-market cadence is maintained here, the second-generation C-HR should roll out for Europe in about a year.

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