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8 Signs Your Marriage Needs You to Be Less Busy

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Ecclesiastes 3:4 There are times to cry and times to laugh, and there can come times in your marriage when you laugh, especially if you’ve become too busy. when a couple walks together, my husband and I explored the benefits of laughing together. Yes, life is serious and obviously busy.

But your marriage may be dying for laughter. If so, you’re clearly too busy.

My brother works as an analyst and codebreaker for the FBI. Sometimes he deals with disturbing issues he doesn’t want to take home. As such, he finds value in seeking out comedy his events throughout the day to share with his sophomore teacher and his wife, who is doing the same.

This helps keep the laughter in the marriage and the sanity in life. so that you can better understand the interesting events that occur.

They even come up with codenames for people so they can talk and laugh in privacy in front of the kids. But it also creates a bond.

And keeping the laughter in marriage not only relieves stress, but also keeps busyness and daily burdens overtaking your marriage because you keep talking and intentionally and intentionally speaking in your marriage. is not.

8. It’s been more than half a year since they separated

If you don’t go out together more than once a year, and you’re the only one with your spouse, you’re definitely too busy (or marriage isn’t a priority).

Most jobs allow at least two weeks of paid vacation per year. If you don’t know it, you have a weekend. If either of you is working more than her two days a week without a day off, you have to keep busy for work, finances, or the health of your marriage. make sacrifices.

My husband has two part-time jobs and has not taken any paid vacations for the past few years. Still, we save money all year round to make up for his vacation so we can spend a lot of time together.

What are you willing to sacrifice for marriage? What will you invest in to help the two of you develop a closer relationship?

Work can wait. Work can wait. The expectations your in-laws and friends and others have of you can wait.

You didn’t make any promises to your employer or even your extended family “until death do us part”. Invest in what matters most or make it a matter of prayer so you can . God honors your desire to invest time in your marriage.

Take him into the picture, let yourself go on his way, give him the rest you need and watch him come for you.

See Cindi’s book on how to improve communication with your spouse. When a Woman Inspires Her Husbandand 12 ways to have more fun with your husband. See her book on how to live a less busy life. when a woman needs restand when you’re running empty.

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