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8 Ways You Are Belittling Your Husband and What God Says about It

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It is no exaggeration to say that Christians are affected by the ripples of redefinition of gender and its roles. Just because you keep Genesis 1:27 That God created men and women does not mean that they are entirely in keeping with the other ideologies that this overarching campaign promotes, especially how wives relate to their husbands.

its frightening strength This is the third installment in CS Lewis’s Space Trilogy. We meet a young unfortunate couple named Jane and Mark Stadock. She’s a stay-at-home mom, she’s lonely and craves other meanings. She is bleak because Mark’s main concern is to gain as much social standing as possible at his university and reach the “inner circle” of her influence.

Jane realized that she was only playing a social role in her life, not as a teammate. Mark works for his NICE, and Jane follows Dr. Ransom, Merlin, and a motley crew as they battle each other for control of the physical world. In other words, their love grows cold and only weighs itself independently of others and makes sense.

The book has a lot of social and spiritual commentary on marriage (especially when pitting Studdock against the Dimbles, an elderly married couple who are loyal to each other by not taking this life too seriously). ), I would like to zoom in on one enlightening moment for Jane.

During her time spent with Dr. Ransom, Mr. and Mrs. Dimbles, and the director, she overheard them discuss matters of religion. She leans into this conversation in the hope that a solution to her problems with Mark and her loneliness will soon be found. Because even she knows that religion is a higher order because it has the ability to rule and rule over humans. feeling of captivity.

“… ‘religion’ meant that her haunting female fear of bartering, lust, and being treated as an object of possession was forever put to rest, and what she called her ‘true self’ upwards. It must mean the soaring realm. [But they] Never spoke of religion…they spoke of God…rather of strong and skillful hands pressed down to make, to repair, and perhaps to destroy. Do you suppose, after all, that you were designed and invented by others and valued for a very different quality than what you have decided to regard as your true self?”

It makes sense to follow Jane’s line of thinking. Victory, yes. But such work is exhausting, especially for Jane, who seeks to “free herself.” She must have sought many ways to ease her feeling of being possessed and bartered. Her interest is completely uninspired until this new company of hers inadvertently turns her attention upwards.

It is also logical to follow the idea that if you feel oppressed, you need to work as hard as possible to free yourself from oppression. is no longer within the boundaries of who you really are.

And this is where many wives find themselves quickly, but perhaps in a much more subtle way. I’ll go on that adventure to include that not many people ‘calculate the costs’ of marriage and family. is to convince herself that her true self is gone.

I don’t think it’s about “I have to abuse my marriage by disrespecting my husband because I’ve lost my true self.” In fact, it’s not that well thought out. The drift that occurs when we are not forever united with Christ (hebrews 2) have ripple effects such as wandering from our roles as wives, helpers, encouragers, and teammates. Drift is despicable and brutally subtle. Just as we search our hearts for idols to avoid violating the first and second commandments, we must examine our attitudes toward callings in the home, starting with our covenant relationships.

send with all

Before we discuss how a wife can (accidentally or deliberately) slander her husband, we need to remember two basic truths about God’s standard for marriage. In addition, the wife has to work hard to accommodate her own tastes and desires.

First, marriage is a contract approved by God.

Mark 10:7–9 says, “Therefore, a man will leave his father and mother, and will cling to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, man must not separate what God has united. ”

We tend to forget the importance of words when we live a life where we speak what we think. When you said your vows in front of witnesses on your wedding day (I’m sure it was beautiful), the aspect of the contract that was told through words was more thought out than the gown, the flowers, and the honeymoon. On that day, your marriage became the most important relationship on earth.

number two, Ephesians 5:22-twenty four: The husband is the head of his wife, just as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and himself its Savior. As the church submits to Christ, the wife must likewise submit to her husband in everything. ”

I have no interest in arguing Definition of “submission” here—It comes down to the fact that we must align ourselves with Scripture. Energy has no effect on God’s economy.

I would like to draw your attention to the last part of verse 24 where the Bible says “in all things.” Wives, this means that no part of your life should leave your husband’s hands: your clothes, your thoughts, your food, your children, your entertainment, your friendships, your career, your intimacy. Everything means the whole business and God is very clear about it.

How a wife disrespects her husband:

There are so many signs of disrespecting your husband. In short, it is a choice or action aimed at putting yourself before your husband.

1. Tell anyone he does not expressly approve of your marriage to him.

Ladies Night Out is dangerous for this very reason. It’s my husband’s bashing. Of course, a woman will understand you better than your husband, but understanding is not what is set before us.

2. Seek advice from others (this includes Facebook!) beyond consulting him first about everything in life.

We must submit to our husbands in everything. You will be amazed at how beautifully and simply her husband can make decisions out of our overthinking and murky waters.

3. Seek attention and value in everything you interact with (this includes social media).

Your meaning is from your union in Christ, not your husband. But it’s easy to want to find your “true self” like Jane did. Confide this in your husband and ask for guidance.

4. Failure to directly point out why he admires him or to instruct his children to do so.

Social media sentiment should not be the first means of honoring him.

5. Do not practice hospitality with him first.

Wives, don’t hold back the best food, the fluffy washcloths, the best energy, the best late-night conversations for your friends and neighbors.

6. Focus on what he thinks isn’t worth you or your time.

Give your husband a rundown of what consumes your thoughts, such as losing weight, going back to college, enrolling a child in school, attending a dance class, baking bread, adopting a child, or painting the house. Please tell. Ask yourself what you should hide, what you should pursue, and enjoy walking through it. This includes the “nagging wife”. proverbs 21— If that’s not what your husband wants the family to work on, leave it alone.

7. Take away leadership.

A wife may have made up her mind about how things will turn out before consulting her husband. It doesn’t matter if she knows her children and their needs more instinctively than he does. Her husband is the head of the family and her wife disrespects him when she assumes that role.

8. General Grievances.

home management (Titus 2) is a lot of work because it never truly completes. A beautiful chubby little face with sticky hands will surely undo almost anything your wife just did. People need to eat all the time. A dog that shouldn’t be flushed will definitely be flushed. White clothes lose their luster and always need something to be fixed. The hardest part of our job is maintaining a contented and joyful attitude. It’s one of the most respectful things we can do for our husbands.

take everything home

of Matthew 12:25, Jesus says, “All kingdoms divided from each other shall be desolate, cities and houses divided shall not stand.” A man and a wife are united by marriage, so whenever a wife insults her husband, she seeks to divide the unity. Marriage in vain cannot reflect Christ and the Church.

Because that’s what it’s all about — back to ephesians 5Christ is the head of the church, just as the husband is the head of the wife. We obey our husbands as we obey our Lord. This is an invaluable gift because we are specifically and daily reminded of this attitude that our good God requires of every Christian. After all, obedience requires humility.

God never tells us we shouldn’t be great, but He shows us how to get there.Matthew 23:12). That was what Jane was really after. Her “true self” was never revealed by exalting herself.

Finally, the director sorts out Jane’s marriage and, ultimately, her Christian life. .”

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Kate Stevens Worshiper, wife, mother, with the help of the Lord, that is the order of her work. Beyond this, she works with her youth and children in her own church and edits as her freelancer.She reads, writes, runs, cooks, and thinks pure and nice. I enjoy practicing.

After waiting nearly three years after being unsure if she wanted children, the Lord finally blessed Kate and husband Clint. We welcomed another daughter this year. Her husband Clint, trapped in her house with her four women, consistently reminds Kate of her own identity and union in Christ.

You can read more of Kate’s work here.

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