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A Five-Second Blush Trick | Cup of Jo

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new girl cese

new girl cese

When you’re watching a movie or TV show, you realize…


Placement of cheeks for each character. How do you get it to look so natural?

Unsafe Issa

And shine…

New girl Jess Nick brushes her teeth

… and frivolous?

During a recent team call, contributing editor Kaitlyn shared her TikTok findings. She wrote, “But the other day I fell down the rabbit hole of TikTok beauty hacks and found this pro tips


♬ Original Sound – Sharon

In the video Sharon Lee Put a drop of blush on the base of her palm. Then rub her palms together and gently press them against her cheekbones. The end result is a soft, bright flash that looks like you’ve just returned from a brisk walk.

Ilia Blush

A friend of mine Jessica Give it a try and send me these selfies. How pretty does she look?”I’m not the best makeup artist for her, but this looked natural on the first try,” she said. “Sometimes I forget my blush, but now I have it in my daily routine. I realized that was what I was missing.”

Products?Jessica used this nude cheek cream on wake up. “If you want a more poppy red, I like this too.” multi stick Dear Ruby,’ she told me. In her eyes, she wears Ilia mascara and eyebrow gel (Also a long time favorite of mine).

idea? Why not try this? What kind of makeup are you wearing these days?

PS French lipstick tricks and Jannelle tries 5 summer makeup looks.

(Photo courtesy: new girl, Catastrophe and UnsafeTikTok videos from . Sharon Lee. Selfie JessicaThis post is sponsored by Iria, is a brand that we have been using for many years. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Cup of Jo. )

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