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A List of Things to NOT Do If You Have Preteens

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Joanna Goddard Toby Anton

My children are 9 and 12 years old.Little things I do — things I’ve been doing everytime Done – suddenly, objectively wrong. You also need to understand that the parameters are constantly changing and the two arbiters are often at odds.

the arbitrator said.

So I want to share a few things I was made aware of in case it helps future preteen/fellow parents. (This list is not all-inclusive.)

sneezing like heck chew
sing while making breakfast
call a classmate honey
Call it a playdate and a hangup
Say “beep, beep, beep, beep” when doing something technical (such as repairing a remote control)
don’t know anything
I know something, but the explanation is too long
Point out that it is after 8pm
ask to wear pajamas
ask if they brushed their teeth
Ask if they peeed before bed
clear the throat
make a joke
use your slang
use of slang, their
Not as comfortable as leaning back while watching TV
I scratch my back but it takes too long to find the itchy spot
Loud while making smoothies (for them)
proud of (their)
i have a vw golf

To be clear, minors can cuddle before bed, watch a show together, seek reassurance in life, seek approval, sit on your lap when they are tired, Desperately wanting to be loved and accepted by you in general, but God forbid you to dance / think dance.

a few weeks ago, Wicked Witch Newsletter sent out”The Definitive Guide to Raising Preteens Without Getting Close To You (lol),” It was great.

I especially like the following two parts.

“What has helped me not take the bait is that when children say nasty things or slam doors, I think I’m putting down bad feelings to get rid of them. They bark to protect themselves, as if they had something poisonous in them, and that’s all they do: barfing.


“Even if you’re in a bad mood, tell them you’re here to help. Their hormones are messed up, their skin and hair are the ugliest ever, their teeth are clumsy, they can’t wear clothes, they can’t wear the world I don’t know where they belong in. They are becoming independent, they are still bound like little children, but they feel like they are not children. would sometimes just say, ‘Obviously you’ve had a rough week. Let’s make some popcorn and watch a movie that makes us cry.'”

Author Katherine Newman, one of my parenting role models, also recommends letting tweens/teens have the final word in the argument. Despite this, I have little control over my life. I remembered it very much.

finally!If you’re worried about yourself not being cool, not just with preteens, but with the world at large, remember that all parents deal with this. this reader commentIt’s them, not you.?

“I read an article where Victoria Beckham talks about how embarrassed her children are and David drops them off around the corner. It’s like, David Beckham! The most handsome man of all time.” One of the coolest soccer players and must have a nice car.If a teenager can embarrass David Beckham then there is no hope for the rest of us!” — Rachel, Cup of Jo Leader

What do you want to add? How old are the children in your life? And, funny enough, early teens might be my favorite age so far, despite all the drama and moods. xo

PS What surprised me about having a preteen, and 21 totally subjective rules for raising teenage boys and teenage girls.

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