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Alfa Romeo Tonale Edizione Bambini concept is a stylish way to parent

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Your grandparents’ boots were made for walking, but they’re still cool. Your parents’ minivan was, well, made for you. Now that you’re a car buyer, you’ve made it clear that minivans aren’t cool. Now, crossovers and SUVs run on family-friendly bus routes, but minivans, wheeled play It’s not as convenient to carry an army of children as a room.Alfa Romeo has ideas on how to change that. The carmaker’s UK division interviewed 2,000 parents to gain insight into parent- and child-friendly features. The result is summed up in his one-off model called the Alfa Romeo Tonale Edizione Bambini, the Kids His Edition, so to speak.

The biggest parent complaint was how difficult it was to keep the car clean. A nifty leather organizer that Alfa Romeo should sell to all Tonales, not just Babyfights, hangs over both front seats. There are shaped slots for drink bottles, lunch boxes for snacks, and pens. It also protects the seat back from kicks kids are known to kick repeatedly while traveling. A small trash can is located on the floor behind the center console. Also, parents today are using something called a “reward chart” so kids can keep track of their progress and keep their cars clean, so parents don’t embarrass their boss and get into their cars. you can ride.

Inside the boots are more cleaning supplies for the elderly. Includes a battery-powered vacuum charged by Tonale and a collapsible caddy filled with products such as a boot cleaning brush, leather cleaner, tissues and wet wipes.

Important parenting duties are aided by a retractable diaper changing station in the cargo area and a baby monitor in the rear seat. According to a survey by diaper brand Huggies, 86% of parents had to change their child’s diaper “on the move.” A custom changing station slides out from under the parcel shelf after raising the hatch and is covered with an easy-to-clean changing mat. Rear-seat child video monitors can be positioned to keep an eye on rear-facing or forward-facing baby seats, with feeds available via a smartphone app for front-row parents to view.

Essential entertainment needs are a screen in the seat back, headphones hanging from the seat back organizer, tablet pockets for up to three children, and a foldable toy bin. For parents who think of “minivan” as her four-letter word, this one-of-a-kind Tonale is a stylish solution for managing a warehouse of goods, and is the one many kids take on their trips these days. There seems to be However, I’m not sure even the rewards chart keeps it clean.

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