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Amy Sedaris designed a level in Apple Arcade’s ‘What the Car?’

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Among some of the best-known games Apple offers on its subscription Arcade service, there are some very interesting gems worth checking out. One is a funky game called “What the Car?” It combines a hilarious physics engine with interactive environments and some of the most fun racing you’ll find in a non-car-centric car game.In addition to its unusual resume, the creator of the game Hiring Actor Amy SedarisPeople who don’t drive can now create and play custom levels.

Sedaris, who lives in New York, said that driving makes him anxious, and that’s exactly the spirit that “What the Car” exudes. There are cars with legs instead of wheels, impossible obstacles, and Sedaris levels even include giant teacups. Users can also borrow elements from the “Amy Sedaris Can’t Drive” level to create their own designs.

Any player can design custom levels, and the game is all about laughter, so it’s fun without being too competitive. Also, don’t get your hopes up for a ‘real’ racing game, as there are no references to real cars and nothing to do with real driving physics. The setup is very similar to “What the Golf?” In this game, players substitute objects such as park benches and dining room tables for golf clubs. These two games of his are from his Triband development studio, so it’s not surprising to see such strong similarities.

If any of these sound appealing, you’ll need to pay the $4.99 monthly subscription fee to access Apple Arcade. On the upside, the games that come with subscription services have no in-app purchases or ads, making for a pure gaming experience like his early iPhone games before the developer figured out how to squeeze a penny out of users. Become.

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