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Antartica’s only EV had to be redesigned because of climate change

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Most electric cars are upgraded improve performance again rangebut Antarctica’s only EV received a tune-up for the reality of climate changeThe venturi is clearly The Venturi Antarctica electric probe was upgraded early last year by warmer conditions on the continent. The original machine was designed to operate in winter temperatures of -58 F, while the Antarctic region is now relatively mild at 14 F, affecting both crew and performance.

The company added a ventilation system and air intakes to the front of Antarctica to prevent overheating in the cockpit, and additional intakes keep the power electronics from heating up. also required redesigned wheel sprockets. Vibrations were created as warm snow adhered to the sprockets, compressed and hardened. Future upgrades will help restore range lost due to changing snow consistency. Antarctica was designed to cover 31 miles, but scientists limit it to 25 miles.

Arstecnica Note Venturi’s EVs have been in use since December 2021 at the Princess Elisabeth Antarctic Station in Belgium. Two modest 80HP motors and he only has a 52.6kWh battery (and optional second pack), but raw power doesn’t matter. This design allows the station’s residents to conduct research without discharging or polluting the relatively pristine area.

We may not see the Venturi make similar climate-related upgrades for a while.However, how does the refresh global warming It can affect transportation in subtle ways. Venturi and other manufacturers may have to design their next rover on the assumption that Antarctica won’t be as cold as it used to be.

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