chocolate sheet cake

For my birthday this year, I bought a fancy cake from a fancy bakery. It was tall, magnificent and beautiful. But the strange thing is…

My friend Ziva of Chip Witch fame also brought in some sheet cakes from the grocery store, and which one do you think was the tastiest? She was simple and perfect and instantly captivated children and adults alike.

Then, this week, in the classic case, Bader MeinhofI saw an article in the New York Times declaring:sheet cake is the best cakeFrosting-to-cake rations are better for sheet cakes, the authors argue, adding, “Not only are they easier to bake, they don’t require cumbersome trimmings or crumb coatings, they’re easier to handle in crowds.” It feeds the body and is suitable for travel.”

confetti sheet cake

sold out! Next time I would like to make it with the boys. Smitten Kitchen has three delicious-looking versions of him — chocolate, confettiand sheet cake version The strawberry cake that changed our lives a few years ago.

strawberry sheet cake

Do you have a favorite sheet cake recipe? Or a strong cake opinion? I would love to hear from you…

PS Sliced ​​and baked cookie taste test, apple pound cake and which birthday cake do you prefer?

(Photo courtesy: Smitten Kitchen.)