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Breakfast Quesadillas

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Breakfast quesadillas are a tingling start to the day, wrapped in crispy golden tortillas filled with melty cheese, savory breakfast meats and soft scrambled eggs.

Unlike your typical morning meal, breakfast quesadillas are packed with volume, creaminess and a beautiful blend of flavors. The familiar crackling of tortillas, the melting texture of cheese, the hearty satisfaction of breakfast meats and the bouncy comfort of fresh salsa ensure a truly enjoyable start to the day. Not to mention the eggs, scrambled to perfection and act like fluffy clouds that carry all those wonderful flavors. Breakfast quesadillas transform your morning meal from mundane to a delightful treat.

A tribute to the roots of the quesadilla

Quesadillas originated in Mexico and their roots go back to pre-colonial times. Traditionally made with corn tortillas and a variety of fillings, it’s a testament to the simplicity and versatility of Mexican cuisine. Our breakfast quesadillas pay homage to this timeless staple and add an early morning vibe. This is a testament to the transformational potential of food and an appreciation for the rich and diverse food world that Mexico has given the world.


Can I use other types of cheese in my breakfast quesadillas?

absolutely! Monterey jack cheese or pepper jack cheese also add a nice simmering texture.

Can I prepare this dish in advance?

Yes, ingredients can be prepared in advance and stored. However, to ensure maximum crunchiness and flavor, it’s best to assemble and cook the quesadillas just before serving.

What type of salsa works best?

It’s entirely up to your taste preferences. Mild or hot, rich or smooth, the choice is yours.

serve and alternate

Our breakfast quesadillas are flexible to accommodate a variety of dietary needs.

  • Feel free to substitute meat for breakfast Add plant-based meat substitutes and veggies like peppers and spinach.
  • For those avoiding dairy products, Substitute with plant-based butter, sour cream, and shredded cheese alternatives.
  • To reduce sodium content, Choose low-sodium cheeses and breakfast meats, and enhance the flavor with herbs and spices like cumin, coriander, and chili powder.

perfect pair

Breakfast quesadillas are versatile and make a great brunch, weekend breakfast, or even a fun dinner. Pair it with a light citrus salad or a refreshing fruit bowl for a balanced meal. The acidity of the fruit and the freshness of the salad are perfectly balanced by the richness of the quesadilla.

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