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Check out BMW’s new color-changing concept car, the i Vision Dee

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What if your car changed color depending on your mood or the weather?

That’s the idea, or at least one of the ideas, behind BMW’s new ‘i Vision Dee’ concept car, a mid-sized electric sports sedan covered in futuristic panels that can change color as needed. It’s one.

BMW describes it as the world’s first “color-changing” car. Dee, which stands for “Digital Emotional Experience,” can cycle through 32 different colors. the company said In a press release on Thursday while unveiling the car at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The car can switch between 32 different monochromatic exterior colors and has a mix and match capability with 240 different panel segments. This is a huge leap over BMW. previous iteration It was just the alternating black, white and gray that was exhibited last year.

As with other concept cars, the technology behind Dee’s color-changing feature could be years away from being available to consumers. High-tech panels cease to function in the real world when exposed to The Barge pointed out Thursday.

Composite photos show some of the possible color combinations of the color-changing BMW i Vision Dee concept car.

Source: BMW

For BMW, the car is meant to offer a glimpse of what might ultimately lead to a more colorful future. you can,” the company said in a press release, describing the light show as a “magical display of color.”

Dee’s skin is a film made of electronic paper, made by a start-up called E Ink, which is also developing display technology for e-readers and mobile phones. The coating segment contains millions of tiny microcapsules containing various colored pigments that change shade when electricity is applied.

E Ink independently says that changing the color of your car won’t drain your electric car’s battery because the electronic coating is “ultra-low power.” Press release on thursday.

E Ink also says it can manufacture panels of any shape imaginable, potentially leading to applications such as e-reader screens that mimic the look of real paper, and more energy-efficient digital signage and smartwatch displays. .

BMW hasn’t released engine or battery specifications for the Dee, but says the concept car will feature more futuristic hardware and software that will be on the road by 2025. increase.

This includes BMW’s head-up display, a digital dashboard that spans the width of the windshield. Also, Mixed Reality Slider, A touchscreen that allows you to control the amount of digital content displayed on your dashboard. From driving speed and battery range to controlling music and texting him.

The interior of BMW’s i Vision Dee concept car.

Source: BMW

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