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Chrysler reportedly showed its dealers an electric 300 replacement

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The Chrysler 300 is almost ready to retire after almost 13 years in production. Details of the successor have not been released, but recent reports suggest that the Stellantis-owned brand has privately shown some dealers an electric successor to the sedan.

Anonymous dealer sources, citing hobbyist websites Mopar Insider I have written The yet-to-be-named model takes the form of a sedan with a fastback-like roofline. Some participants drew parallels between the EV and the prototype shown in a 2021 render (pictured). Others noted that its proportions and size were reminiscent of the concept of the Dodge Charger Daytona that will be produced in the next few years.

Nothing official, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Charger Daytona spawned Chrysler. After all, the current generation of chargers shares a basic platform with the 300, and building multiple vehicles on the same platform is how automakers enjoy economies of scale. One of his notable points is that Dodge executives have confirmed that the architecture underpinning the upcoming Charger is compatible with the in-line six-cylinder engine found in some Stellantis products. It’s reasonable to assume that if it fits in a Dodge, it will fit in a Chrysler too.

Dodge has not announced plans to offer a Charger with a straight-six engine, nor has Chrysler.His CEO of the company, Christine Fuell, said: auto blog “We have quite a few new products on our roadmap,” he said.

The rumors echo previous reports detailing the electrical architecture of the purported successor to the 300, due in 2026, with battery power, 201 to 443 horsepower depending on the variant, and 800 volts for fast charging. doing. However, this has not been confirmed. At the time of writing, the only upcoming model Chrysler has announced is Airflow, which we first saw at CES 2020 as a very futuristic concept, at CES 2022 as a more realistic design study, and at 2022 as a black finish. This is the production version of Vision. New York Auto Show.

Whether the 300 is replaced or not, at least Chrysler seems to have a future. When Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and PSA Peugeot Citroen merged to form Stellantis in 2021, Chrysler was skating on dangerously thin ice.Greg Migliore, auto blogeditor-in-chief favored keeping the brand alive, and dealers argued that letting the 97-year-old automaker die was not an option.

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