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Cup Spy – May 17: Kiwis reveal a new wing foil and hit a log in two-boat training

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Cup Spy – May 17: Kiwi unveils new wingfoil and hits logs in two-boat training

Richard Gladwell Sailworld New Zealand May 18 01:50 UTC
May 17, 2023

New Wingfoils – Emirates Team New Zealand – AC40 – LEQ12 – Day 23, 17 May 2023 © Adam Mustill/America’s Cup

Emirates Team New Zealand has launched two AC40s for today’s session at Waitemata Harbour.

The LEQ12 was fitted with a new wing foil which unfortunately hit a floating object and punctured the foil arm, but the ground crew repaired it so the session could resume later in the afternoon. became.

From the 2021 America’s Cup to the first test foils used in the LEQ12, to the latest foils that combine both ideas and take a new direction with foil valves, you can see the progress of the team’s last three foils. increase.

The new wing foil (mounted on the starboard foil arm) features a thinner wing and larger valves. The slightly anhedral foil has wings firmly set behind the valve. The designers chose to trade off between increased drag from larger valves and decreased drag from thinner, narrower wings. This design is an evolution of the minimal wing he favored by ETNZ in the last cup match. The leading edge of the wing is aligned with the trailing edge of the foil arm.

The intersection of the wing and valves is much sharper than the latest LEQ12 wing and the version used in the 2021 America’s Cup, with the valves tapering towards the wing in a sweeping curved shape.

The previous test foil used on ETNZ’s LEQ12 test boat has a wing similar to the new foil, but the wing and valve mounting style is similar to the 2021 AC75 wing foil used in the last America’s Cup. have a lot in common. The 2021 AC75 foil up tip is missing from the two newest foils. ETNZ seems to think that the wing shape itself is sufficient to deal with wingtip vortices, even without special design aids to deal with the wingtips. vortex problem. The undersurface geometry of the two new wings is assumed to flatten under pressure and possibly rotate dihedral under load.

Emirates Team NZ – LEQ12 – Day 23 – 17 May 2023 – Auckland

From the AC37 Joint Reconnaissance Team [Alastair Moore AC-Recon]:

AC40 was at the end of the dock by 10:30 and was in the water by 10:49.

LEQ12 was then positioned at the end of the dock at 10:56 and inside the corral at 11:18. At noon both yachts slid off the berth and were towed from the stern to Lough Rock (North Head) for hoisting sails.

In LEQ12, J2 locked at 12:26 and main at 12:32. She disembarked from her pursuit boat and set sail by 12:46.

On his second tackle of the day just under North Head, the LEQ12 hit a floating log. [S-W: there’s a lot of debris in the harbour, after recent storms, and half-hearted efforts to clean it up] The starboard arm is just below the waterline of the foil trim.

After a brief inspection from a pursuit boat, LEQ12 dropped sails and was towed to base for salvage.

By 13:45 she was back in the cradle and the boat builders’ team began work.

After a lot of grinding and trimming, I extracted the epoxy wetlands for 5 minutes and used fibers to fill the holes. She returned to sea at 14:40 and was towed back to sea by 14:55.

After several attempts to foil under the city, a pursuit boat was stopped and towed her away. LEQ12 she was towed to Devonport Wharf at 15:28. From here she descended the Rangitoto Strait and passed her A her buoy.

The LEQ12 has had a number of mods on portjive to check out the new foils. After two hours of straight lining and mode adjustment, she went into pre-start training right by buoy number 12.

Here the LEQ12 was pushed hard until it made two anti-clockwise laps, then seated and hit back over the harbor in a dying breeze.

She left the foil just west of Devonport Naval Station in very good light and came aside to help the pursuing boats loosen the sails.

LEQ12 returned to the enclosure at 17:31.

Of the performance of the new foils, coach Ray Davies said: “It’s very difficult to judge purely by numbers. rice field.

“The team is just rushing right now. I look around the yard and there’s a lot going on. It’s crazy how far we’re going, but we’re giving it our all and we’re going to give it our best in the second half against Barcelona. I’m looking forward to going up there.” When the new year is over, please dispose of this kit there. ”

The team will not be sailing for five days as Auckland is due to hit another impending weather system.

Session Statistics – Emirates Team New Zealand – LEQ12 – Day 23 – 17 May 2023 – Auckland

  • Weather: 15℃ sunny
  • Wind strength: 5-10kts
  • Wind Direction: Southwest
  • Sea Conditions: Slight
  • Roll out: 10:50 Dock out: 12:00 – 14:55
  • Dock-in: 13:22 – 17:35 Crane-out: 18:05

crew: Nathan Outteridge, Peter Burling, Liv McKay, Josh Jr.Andy Maloney, Blair Tuke, Marcus Hansen, Sam Meach

Additional images:

This commentary has been created and edited from extracts from video, still images, and statistical content. AC37 Joint Reconnaissance Program Other materials available to Sailworld NZ, including photo files and other materials relating to water coverage of the 2010, 2013, 2017 and 2021 America’s Cups. The format is intended to give Sail-World readers a snapshot of the progress of all teams on a given day or time period.

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