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Elon Musk: xAI will work with Tesla and seek to ‘understand the universe’

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Elon Musk said Friday that his new artificial intelligence company xAI aims to “make sense of the universe.”

In an often meandering 90-minute Twitter Spaces voice chat, the billionaire spoke for the first time about his vision for xAI, digressing from topics like the evolution of the planet and the fragility of civilization.

Musk, who is trying to improve his understanding of the universe, joked that xAI’s mission statement would be “What the hell is really going on?”

Musk announced the creation of xAI on Wednesday after accusing companies such as OpenAI and Google of developing technology without considering the risks to humans.

OpenAI and Google did not respond to requests for comment.

He said xAI aims to build a “better AGI” to replace Microsoft, Google and OpenAI. AGI stands for Artificial General Intelligence, and refers to AI that can solve problems just like humans.

During the Spaces session, which was delayed because Twitter had to “tweak its algorithm” to promote the chat to more users, Musk said xAI is working closely with his other companies, Twitter and Tesla. said to cooperate with

The company will use public tweets to train AI models and may work with Tesla on AI software.

Musk said such a relationship could create “mutual benefits” and accelerate Tesla’s work on self-driving capabilities.

He also accused all AI companies of using Twitter data to train their models in ways that they characterize as illegal.

Musk, who has been an advocate of regulating AI, said he has facilitated talks with White House officials and emphasized the importance of regulating AI in recent meetings with senior Chinese officials.

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