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Entertaining Experts Share Their Best Hosting Advice

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Hosting is many things. Fun, stressful, exciting, time consuming, fun and… many! Inviting people into your home is a big deal, in a good way. But nothing is more satisfying than sitting at the dining room table and looking around at your friends, family, and loved ones. They relax and unwind, enjoying thoughtful conversation while eating food that has been lovingly prepared. The result of all our efforts is the satisfaction that comes from our dedication to helping people unite and share with others through food. Here are the best hosting tips.

Above image by Michelle Nash.

In this season of celebrating and having fun with others, we may all want a little help. We used the people who knew the method best.in us how to collect The series takes you behind the scenes of tastemakers and foodies who understand the importance of connection and aim to make it part of their daily lives.

Below, these funny experts share their best hosting advice. From how to skip the small talk to tips on how to prepare in advance, these women offer their go-to tricks for hosting a memorable gathering.

Best hosting advice from funny experts

Image of Alan Goyoaga spring lunch To bellacy pictures

They know how to host on a budget

In this inflationary era, more and more people are looking for ideas that will help them cut costs without sacrificing the special feeling of getting together with loved ones. Our expert advice? Be casual. If you don’t worry about the details and let the party unfold organically, a good time is guaranteed.

1. “You don’t have to sit down and eat for people to enjoy! — Sophie Collins, lifestyle entrepreneur and co-founder one wednesday

2. “Get your guests on board and bring something potluck style!” Laurel Galluccico-founder and CEO Sweet Laurel Bakery

3. “Have your guests bring a side and a bottle of wine! People are always asking what they can bring, so bring it up.” — Sarah Smith, Co-Founder Walden Retreats

Four. “Fill your charcuterie board with fruits and vegetables, with the luxury of just one slice of the best cheese.” Ashley Amorosophotographer, food stylist, educator

Image of Cassandra Lavalof italian dinner party Michelle Nash

They prioritize guest comfort

In addition to the casual and unpretentious atmosphere, skilled hosts are focused on their guests. Instead of stressing about the main course and being relegated to the kitchen to craft the perfect meal, they know the magic of putting everyone at ease. welcomed.

Five. “For me, the most important thing is that my guests feel comfortable. That means creating an environment where friends show up and look after me.” — Cassandra LaValle, interior stylist and founder Cassandra Laval

6. “I style simple tables with candles and random flower arrangements in mismatched bowls. Cheese soufflé with Dr. I love it when the music doesn’t match the food.I love it when someone blows their guitar and the dinner turns to music.” — Olivia Joffrey, Owner Olivia Joffrey design

7. “Nothing makes me happier than feeding people. I love mismatched crockery, wrinkled linens, vintage silverware, and serveware. I love peaceful and respectful discussion where people can say things without feeling judged. Arangoyoagathe author of canel and vanilla When Canel et vanille bake Simplefood stylist, photographer

Image of Jessie De Row’s Santa Barbara Dinner Party by Michelle Nash

they know how to strike up an engaging conversation

No chatting here! Our hosts cut through career turmoil and shift straight into deeper topics. After all, memorable gatherings are about bringing people together and highlighting the human need for connection. Read on for their favorite conversation starters and the questions that get to the heart of who the person is. (By the way… don’t be afraid to bring up your conversation cards! And no, they’re not cheating.)

8. “Party Connector is a great place to ask, ‘How do you know? I move away from the standard what-to-do focus and try to hit more on the human factor. ” Ashley Amorosophotographer, food stylist, educator

9. “What are you thinking about these days?” — Jessie De Rowe, manifest coach Founder with How You Glow

Ten. “I have conversation cards to use at the supper club. Questions range from thoughtful to sassy. For example, what are your favorite qualities in men/women? What is your favorite swear word?” Olivia Muniakchefs, entertainment professionals

11. “How are you really?” — Sophie Collins, lifestyle entrepreneur and co-founder one wednesday

Image of Friendsgiving Brunch at Laurel Gallucci Thiel Thomsen

they face fun horrors

we were all there. There are plenty of opportunities for suspicion in the preparation and planning of throwing a party, not to mention potential social unrest. Feel the fear and get over it! Prepare as much as you can and then proceed as you wish. If you focus on having a good time, you will have more fun.

12. “Anytime I bring different groups of people together to host something, I get nervous at first, but it always turns out great! See if you’re feeling a little sick and join the conversation.I strive to be a connector and a community builder.” Ashley Amorosophotographer, food stylist, educator

13. “Precise timing of everything [scares me the most about entertaining]I don’t want to burn anything, but I do want to be there for my guests and take care of them, so I try to make dishes that I can prep ahead of time and assemble when I eat them. — Jessie De Rowe, manifest coach Founder with How You Glow

Image of Rebecca Pepler’s Parisian Dinner Party To Joanne Pie

They stay in the present and absorb the moment

What’s the point of a party if you can’t relax on your own and connect with your loved ones? (Remember when you were at a gathering and the host didn’t leave the kitchen?) Be warm and inviting. However, once the table is set and the food is on display, it’s time to pour some drinks and have a few laughs. .

14. “I love the moment when the meal is over and everyone is happy and leaning back in their chairs. — Olivia Joffrey, Owner Olivia Joffrey design

15. “A great company for us is more than just laughter. — Sarah Smith, Co-Founder Walden Retreats

Image of Cathy Poshta’s kitchen bellacy pictures

They rely on proven cookbooks

What’s the saying, “If you’ve never cooked a dinner party twice, don’t cook for a dinner party”? Hmmm…) Whether you like making tea by recipe or branching out on your own, our hosts enjoy turning the pages as a source of inspiration. , interesting experts have balanced and exciting menu components.

16. “The three most used cookbooks are remove dirt, TartineWhen minimalist kitchenAndrea Bemis’ recipes are delicious and I love her down-to-earth approach to cooking. I’m a sourdough baker, Tartine It’s my bible. and Melissa Coleman’s minimalist kitchen The cookbook is full of beautiful recipes and amazing tips to help simplify the cooking process and keep you organized. “ — Cathy Poshsta, co-founder of grit and poland

17. “I love cookbooks that not only carry me but teach me. To Asia, with love When ripe figs By Yasmin Khan.Also has a special place in Madeleine Cammann’s heart When a French woman cooksThis is a memoir interspersed with recipes, each chapter dedicated to a woman (and another region of France) who learned in the kitchen. ” Rebecca Peplerthe author of table When APÉRITIF: French Cocktail Hourwriter, food stylist

Image of Sandy Hawes Gather in Los Angeles

Serving celebratory food

Last but not least, the show stopper is woven throughout. Cuisine is highly personal and is often based on family history, personal preferences, and culture. So the recipes our hosts share tell a little bit about each. It’s the flavors that bring you comfort and the textures that evoke a specific nutritional value that you want to share with everyone you bring into your home.

Cassandra Lavalle Heirloom Tomato and Burrata Galette

Sophie Collins Harvest Salad

Sweet Laurel Cinnamon Rolls from Laurel Gulucci

Alan Goyoaga farinata with caramelized onions and pesto

Jessie De Rowe’s Charlie Bird Farro Salad

Ashley Amoroso’s Elderberry Cocktail

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