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How Is Your Connection with Jesus?

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My husband was in a car accident on August 25th of last year. A drunk 18-year-old boy was about to stop at a red light when he rammed Dan and two other cars. My poor husband has been suffering from migraines every day since that night. He recently underwent facet surgery to stop or reduce the pain of his migraines. it’s not. As a result, Dan becomes exhausted from lack of sleep. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen him exhausted and tired.

Have you ever felt that way? Helpless? Like it’s been unplugged from the power supply? Jesus invites us to connect with Himself and others. But it only happens when connected to the right source. We cannot follow the words of Jesus without a connection with Him.

Think with me about the complex and almost impossible teachings of Jesus.

– love your neighbors;

-Pray for those who hurt you.

– love your enemies.

– Forgive those who hurt you.

・Everyone should be friendly.

・Turn the other cheek.

etc. The words of Jesus sometimes seem irreversible. But check this out. Jesus also said:

Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But God is different. With God everything is possible (Mark 10:27).

The impossible becomes possible when we are connected to Jesus. When we stay connected to Jesus, His “impossible” commandments become possible. This connection is crucial to the life of Christians. The Bible uses metaphors to help us understand the reality of our relationship with Jesus. The main metaphor of the Old Testament is the one most familiar to Jews in the time of Jesus.

I am a true vine and my father is a gardener (John 15:1).

Photo credit: ©Unsplash/Amos Bar-Zeev

When Jesus said I was the true vine, his followers who were familiar with the Old Testament said, “I am the true vine” Psalm 80, a psalm that many of Jesus’ followers would have known by heart. This psalm would have come to their minds because it is built around this vine metaphor.

The psalmist retells the story of Exodus. He speaks of the nations of Israel and compares them to vines taken from Egypt and planted in new lands.

You transplanted vines from Egypt. You drove out the nations and planted them. You cleared the ground for it and it took root and filled the land (Psalm 80:8-9).

God cut off the vine of Egypt, Israel, and planted them in new fertile land so that they could grow ripe fruit that the whole world could taste. But the psalmist later says that this vine has dried up. Israel could not surrender to the one true God who saved them. They were not a people of justice and mercy, caring for strangers, foreigners and the poor. As a result, they failed to bear fruit for the world.

Despite God’s generosity, patience, and concern for his people, they did not bear the fruit that God desired. And the Psalm decided that God would do what Israel and all mankind could never do, and in doing so send them the only obedient vine to restore and save us all. said.

What is this Psalm 80 keep saying:

Come back to us, Almighty God!

Look down from the sky!

watch over this vine,

the root planted by your right hand,

The son you raised for yourself.

Your vine will be cut down and burned with fire.

Your rebuke will destroy your people.

Put your hand on the person on your right,

The son of man whom you raised for yourself.

Then we will not turn our backs on you.

revive us and we will call your name (Psalm 80:14-18).

The psalmist says that hope rests on Jesus, the Son of Man. When he comes, people will be strong and loyal, and they will be saved through him and in him. They can call on God’s name. In other words, you can live in connection with God. So when Jesus says, “I am the true vine,” he announces to his followers and all of us that he is the one God sent. He is the true vine to whom the Psalms allude, the one who comes to save the whole world from evil, sin and death. One who brings the kingdom of God near. The one who gives us the opportunity to live in an ongoing love connection with Him is our Creator forever.

Jesus came to give us freedom and peace, belonging and forgiveness, love and kindness. God is the One who has come to deliver us from fatigue, to take the burden off our shoulders and replace it with the easy and light responsibility that comes from connecting with Him and living in His Kingdom. Are you tired of being tired? Then put your trust in Jesus, the true vine, and receive the rest He gives you and your soul. how does that work?jesus explains it for us John 15.

I am a true vine and my father is a gardener. Stay with me and I will stay with you. A branch cut off from the vine cannot bear fruit. Yes I am the vine you are a branch Those who abide in me, and in them I abide, will bear much fruit. Away from me you can do nothing. But if you abide in me and my words abide in you, then you can ask for whatever you want and it will be given! I’m a disciple. This brings great glory to my father. I have loved you as his father has loved me. stay my love “When you obey my commandments, you abide in my love, just as I obey the commandments of my Father and abide in his love. I have told you these things to. Yes, your joy will overflow! (from John 15:1-11).

Dan and I visited Napa Valley several years ago. I learned a lot about the vineyards while there. The vine is actually the trunk that connects the vine to the ground. If the branch remains attached to the vine (trunk), it will bear fruit.

Now let’s go back to what Jesus said.

Jesus says “I am the vine, the trunk. You are the branch. If you are connected with me, my life flows through you and bears fruit. will not tie the

How, then, can we remain in Christ? How can we stay connected to Jesus? how do we stay with him?

Please check the connection.

There is a big difference between trying to bear fruit, trying to do good, trying to follow the word of Jesus and being connected to Him. When we are connected with Him, His life flows through us and His life in us bears fruit. Jesus calls this connection “remaining”.

“Those who abide in me, and I abide in them, will bear much fruit. Apart from me you can do nothing. Granted!” (from John 15:4-5).

To stay means to live, to stay, to remain. This commitment to staying connected to Jesus means that we trust Him, depend on Him, and never stop believing in Him. To abide in Jesus is to stick to Him and His teachings.

Our church factory, Restore’s Shawnee Campus, is located in West Shawnee, Kansas in Mill Valley. Mill Creek flows through this valley and eventually into the Kansas River. A factory that operated on this creek for years before electricity was used. The mill was able to operate when the water flow was high. When it was low, the mill was useless. When I abide in Christ and get my life through Him, when I am always connected to Him, I can act as a follower of Christ and follow Jesus. But if my connections are non-existent or sporadic, my obedience is also non-existent or sporadic.

We must be plugged into Christ for His power to flow through us. Please check the connection.

Please check your company.

Staying in Christ is an absolutely personal reality. Staying in Christ is also a team sport. We must live with other Christians who remain in Christ. We must live with other Christians who are connected with Jesus.

See photos of healthy branches bearing fruit. The healthiest branches grow in clusters. Unfortunately, these clusters are so dense that you can’t really hack them.

We need others who follow and connect with Christ. we are better together Here is what Jesus said immediately after the words stay. Jesus Christ.

This is my commandment. Love each other as I loved you. There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”John 15:12-13).

You can’t “make love” with a solo branch. There is no other branch to love or serve.

Following Christ is a team sport. Joining and staying on a team is an individual choice, but playing the game is a group effort, and winning the game definitely requires a team effort.

Think of a time in your life when you felt most connected to Christ. When did you feel closest to him? More than most of us, I’m sure there was a time when we were part of a group of people seeking Christ together.

Please check the connection.

Please check your company.

Please check your status.

It’s easy to tell if you are connected with Christ. Jesus teaches us how to check our level of connection.

“Those who abide in me, and those in whom I abide in them, will bear much fruit… When you obey my commandments, you abide in my love. Just as I am my Father’s commandments, to obey and remain in his love. I have told you these things that you may be filled with my joy. John 15:510-11.

There are two specific fruits that come from keeping in touch with Jesus.

1. Connection breeds submission.

When we are connected with Jesus, we follow Him. we do what he tells us. Obedience is simply choosing the right thing, even if it is difficult. But obedience changes as we walk with Christ and stay connected to Him. Obedience moves from what we should do to what we want to do.

2. Connection creates joy.

When the branch bears fruit, it does what God intended. When we are connected with Jesus, we do what God has created for us and it brings us joy. Joy is the result of a complete connection with Jesus and others and a deep conviction that God is in control.

Check your fruit.

Check your submissiveness.

Check your pleasure.

Final Thoughts:

Jesus is the true vine. Life flows from our connection with the Lord. Life flows from connecting with others who connect with him. When we are connected to God, life flows into the fruits of obedience and joy.

How is your relationship with Jesus?

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Mary Southerland She is also co-founder of Girlfriends in God, a conference and devotional ministry for women. In her book of her Mary, Hope in the midst of depression, sandpaper people, escaping the stress trap, and experiencing the power of God in your ministry, 10-Day Trust Adventure, You Make Me So Angry, How to Study the Bible, Fit for Life, Joy for the JourneyWhen life is so everyday. Mary as wife and mother of two children, Jared and Danna, and Mimi enjoys the ministry of her six grandchildren: Jadan, Lelia, Justus, Hudson, Mo, and Nori.

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