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Exactly How to Perfect the Look

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In an always-connected, always-connected world, there is a clear fascination with the possibility of a life free from everything. Instead of running around from meetings to appointments or cramming workouts in the hustle and bustle (not to mention 10 minutes of meditation), the back-to-roots lifestyle takes a different, slower route. Scrolling through his myriad of Pinterest boards, his related TikTok hashtags, and the many reels dedicated to showcasing this dreamy approach, it’s clear that the cottagecore aesthetic has persisted. .

The general impression is one of Hill House’s classic shelves of nap dresses and penguins, but there’s more to the Cottagecore aesthetic than looks. (Although these are elements of style that I will forever be attached to.) Really, it’s the spirit. Cottagecore is a mindset that prioritizes patience with the world and takes time to sit with nature and observe its subtle intricacies. Those who practice cottagecore and weave its details into their lives know that connecting with the people and places they love is the key to a holistic and happy life. The ruffles and farmhouse feel are just beautiful decorations for the cake.

For those looking for a little more romance in their everyday life, this is for you. If you want to embrace the cottagecore aesthetic, keep reading for the best sources for tips, tricks, and inspiration.

Featured image from Michelle Nash’s interview with Claire Zinecker.

image provider Nicky Sebastian

How to create the Cottagecore aesthetic yourself

As many of my friends will attest, I am a self-defined homesteading enthusiast. I knit, sew, and often spend my evenings by candlelight, but so far all I can do is canning and a little gardening. (I’m a Chicago urbanite.) But the beauty of taking inspiration from an aesthetic and cultivating it yourself is just that. With the resources available, you can take more joy in what you wear, how you decorate your home, and the inspiration that surrounds you every day.

Let’s take a closer look at the what, why, and how behind the cottagecore aesthetic. Someday you may want to fix a rural farmhouse.

What is Cottage Core?

Cottagecore adds a romantic touch to country life. While past decades and generations have prioritized the comfort and ease of a technology-driven lifestyle, Cottagecore’s aesthetic celebrates the exact opposite. Simplicity, traditional skills (skills largely phased out by technological advances), and autonomy are key ingredients. Activities related to cottage core include:

  • Sew/knit/crochet your own clothes and linens
  • gardening and growing your own food
  • Project-based kitchen skills such as sourdough, baking, and kombucha.
  • Food Canning and Preservation

But, as alluded to above, there is also consciousness that is an inseparable element of cottagecore. In an article written by Courtney Jay Higgins “Good Trade”, she explores the importance the movement has on sustainability and fostering a deeper connection and appreciation for the land. Personally, I found my way to the cottagecore mentality. Julia Watkins, began his career in the field of conservation before becoming a writer and photographer. (More on Julia below.)

All I can say is that the trajectory has meaning. The respect for the materials, plants, animals and people behind our resources is evident in every area of ​​life where cottagecore aesthetics are concerned: fashion, home, food, gardens.

With that in mind (and the understanding that cottagecore isn’t really a trend, it’s a concept developed long ago) 2,300 years ago), it’s clear that cottagecore goes beyond style and purely visual. Rather, it is a way of life that brings goodness and beauty to everything we do.

image provider Surci Avasti

Cottagecore Outfit Inspiration

That said, dressing with the cottagecore aesthetic in mind is one of the creative ways you can bring it into your life. Associated with fashion, cottagecore is defined primarily by traditionally feminine ways of dressing. please think about it. Long flowing skirts and dresses, whimsical patterns and delicate frills, hair tied in a ribbon at the back. Of course, I’m not saying you have to follow outdated views on gender to achieve aesthetics. Much of cottagecore style is simply channeled through vintage finds and a penchant for cozy, comfortable layers like hand-knit sweaters and favorite worn-in socks.

Keep scrolling to see the brands and creators that do cottagecore best.

@Hill House Vintage

With over 500,000 followers on Instagram, Paula Sutton knows how to effectively achieve the cottagecore aesthetic. (Further proof: her bio reads, “Country interiors, gardens, dresses, flowers and cakes!”.) Her style is cottagecore right down to her shirt.Bright prints, florals, Peter Pan necklines, and Perfectly finished dungarees. But what’s even more compelling about Paula’s presence online, and I have to imagine it in real life as well, is the infectious joy she exudes from every post and story. It’s true that social media has long been dismissed as a highlight reel, but we have to believe that what Paula posts is true and genuine bliss for her life that she has created for herself. not.


Anna Margaret, aka Margo, is the queen of thrift. She regularly shares her vintage hunting catches on both Instagram and Instagram. YouTube. And you’ll regularly see her in a Dôen or Christy Dawn dress (i.e., her finest cottagecore apparel) and frolic in flower-strewn fields. Her wardrobe has the perfect aesthetic, but keep an eye out for her cottagecore-inspired interior, too.her house is just that Cozy cottage daydream.


As a creator, photographer, author and plant-based cook, Chloe Crane Leroux translates cottagecore aesthetics into the digital realm with elegance and grace. She’s based in New York, but no one knows that most of her content is shot in urban settings. She shares her slow life through concrete, easy-to-recreate recipes, while inspiring this way of life through thoughtful captions and reels worthy of screening at Cannes. (Proof that I’m not exaggerating) As an aside, her relationship with her mother is as follows. Nancy Meyers-level cuteness. For a cottagecore aesthetic with a French flair, follow Chloé.

Image by Michelle Nash

cottagecore house inspiration

PSA: You don’t need a 10-acre house with livestock to create a cottagecore vibe. Despite the lack of outdoor space on its mere 1,200-square-foot property, it has prioritized second-hand quilts, embroidered pillow cushions, and recycled china to create an overall coziness. After all, you want a home that feels like comfort and a warm hug. Whether it’s an abundance of candles, hand-me-down heirlooms, or simply favorite items, the purpose is to make your home a visual reflection of your life’s personal story. Everything that gives you space should have a story. And they are the creators who do it best.

@Clairzine Necker

Our friend Claire Zinecker’s design talent and insight into what’s possible knows no bounds. Case in point: She turned this Austin farmhouse farmhouse (found on her Facebook marketplace) into a veritable beauty paradise.she is the founder of Designed by Claire Zineckeris an Austin-based boutique interior design firm that creates spaces with resonant personality and timeless charm. Claire may not be able to describe her aesthetic as cottagecore per se, but she has a rare talent for extending a client’s passion into the look and feel of a space. For more design inspiration to get her ready to fall down the rabbit hole, follow her Austin home before and after. @savingidahouse.


I was a fan of Amanda Watters’ work long before I started Instagram. Each week I devoured Amanda’s stories, seasonal musings, and creative projects. on her blog (She keeps updating it regularly). She has translated her talents in writing and photography into a feed that harnesses the beauty of still photography. From the landscape of the home to the consideration of motherhood, Images that elicit simple pleasures, Amanda is a must-follow on the Cottagecore social media kit. She is also the founder of Kansas City-based Homesong Her Market, where you can buy home stories online.


Visit Jemma’s feed when you need a blissful social media scroll. You’ll find galettes showcasing fruits of every season, idyllic countryside and calming corners of her home that remind us to seek beauty wherever we go. Gemma is also a talented amateur florist. Stunning dahlia arrangements, colorful cosmos and vases full of wildflowers all deserve a spot on her page. And be sure to watch her for her true culinary delights. Sourdough English Muffin Tutorial.


As teased above, Julia Watkins is one of my favorite creators who really epitomizes the cottagecore aesthetic. Her visuals are not only dreamlike, but they also give us concrete tips for mastering traditional skills.go to her blog Check out candle making tutorials, lean home tips and more. I have two of her books too. simply live well and gardening for everyone on my shelf. Trust: Inside each one you’ll find a treasure trove of Cottagecore inspiration.

image of Kate Zimmerman Turpin’s Sunday House

Cottagecore Decor Resources

You can’t stress too much when it comes to bringing home the cottagecore aesthetic. Start your hobby with vintage shopping and recycling. I love going to estate sales on the weekends and looking for pieces that have lived before me. When you buy second-hand, you realize that the items you bring into your home share that space and its loving energy. That’s part of the magic of intentional shopping.

But if you’re also an avid online shopper, rest assured. There are many resources where you can find beautiful pieces to build a cottagecore home. Below are my favorites.

All of our products are carefully curated by our editors to always give you an honest opinion, whether it’s a gift or a purchase for yourself. When you purchase something through our links, we may earn a small commission for free.

home song market

As mentioned above, Amanda Watters has taken vintage and heirloom quality items and transformed them into beautiful stores. Home Songs Her market has all Home His categories that span everything from bedrooms to bathrooms to nice items for kids. Amanda has revived the lost art of running a general store and made the experience available online for all of us. But I definitely want to experience the magic firsthand, so I’m definitely planning a visit to the physical store in Kansas City sometime soon. who wants to participate?

home supplies in june

June Home Supply is dedicated to helping homeowners bring a quiet, simple aesthetic into their homes. The work is not only beautiful to look at. Carefully selected to inspire contemplative moments at home. Whether it’s an afternoon by candlelight, reading over a cup of tea, or going about your day’s work with a sense of mindfulness, June Home’s beautiful selection of supplies makes it all possible. to

Casa Zuma

This Cottagecore aesthetic guide wouldn’t be complete without introducing Camille’s lifestyle brand, Casa Zuma. The overall aesthetic is inspired by Camille’s love of the ocean, but the intent is deeper. Each piece is crafted to inspire presence in everyday life, a core tenet of Cottagecore. Manufacturers from around the world have designed items that help shape the unique story of your home. It’s a mindset that “evokes connection, nourishes the soul, and makes you feel more alive.” Expression of consciousness, slow life, thoughtful curation, if this doesn’t explain the most fundamental part of Cottagecore, I don’t know what else.

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