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Four Foolproof Ways to Get Better Sleep (And a Huge Sale)

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How do you relax once you’re in bed? Lately, I’ve been queuing up hilarious podcasts while being wrapped up in my beloved brooklyn sheetsBut I’m always curious about what other people do to calm themselves down at night. staple I swear to sleep well…

1. Start with a new sheet. Sometimes I shower in the evening just because it doesn’t feel as good as a shaved leg and clean sheets, right?brook linens classic percale sheets It’s super crisp (that coolness on your pillow) and buttery smooth. luxury satin sheets It gets softer with each wash. (also don’t heather cashmere bedding Looking to make the ultimate holiday gift? )

2. Watch something light and interesting. After all, you need a way to turn your brain off. So read novels, magazine article it makes me laugh. “Every time I go to bed I’m like, ‘Tonight is book night!’ gilmore girls Until midnight on YouTube. ” For evening relaxation, lean back against the mountain. fluffy feather pillowAvailable in three versions: firm, medium plush, and plush, you’re sure to find your perfect squish. (We recommend the best-selling medium-sized stuffed animal!)

3. Light the candle. In winter, we set up a scent station in our bedroom (with the help of 9-year-old Anton) and the match-lighting ritual reminds us to slow down and breathe. this candle I like the scent of eucalyptus and basil, rise candle For a morning energy burst.

4. Take a bath. Stylist Linda Rodan says the bath is the only place you can completely distract yourself. She has “no magazines, no music, no phones.”Warm yourself up after getting out of the bathtub These classic waffle robesMade from 100% Turkish cotton, it dries quickly and absorbs water well. (It’s also great for visiting friends and family.)

Great news: Brooklinen is their kickoff black friday saleReceive 20% off your order. No code required. see all hereif you want — including elegant linen set When super luxury towel.

idea? How do you relax for restful sleep? We would love to hear from you…

(Photo courtesy: Stella Blackmon For Cup of Joe. This post is sponsored by our long time favorite Brooklinen. Thank you for supporting the brands that help run Cup of Jo. )

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