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How To Host a Cookie Exchange: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

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Batches and batches of holiday cookies are a beautiful thing. We know the magic will pay off. Not surprising when compared to social mixers. The humble cookie exchange is the best.

But if you didn’t grow up attending your annual cookie swap, or if you’re hosting your first exchange, there are a few tips and tricks you should know to keep your party running smoothly. From sending out invitations to decorate to the perfect snack to serve with, this is the way to simplify cookie swapping and keep the holiday to-do list filled with joy.

New to cookie exchanges? Welcome to the best party to host or attend all seasons. The purpose of the cookie exchange is to get together with your closest and dearest ones, taste lots of new treats, and leave everyone with a full box (and tummy) of baked goods, plus, of course, a cookie recipe. Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your exchange.

Send invitations early

Cookie exchanges are not last minute. Your guests need plenty of time to choose the type of cookies they want to make and to prepare for the event (bakers don’t like to be in a hurry!). A few weeks to a month before the cookie exchange, email your guest and limit the guest list from her seven to her ten. Email is preferable to text because you can include all the details and easily keep track of who came and what recipe they brought.

If you want things to be a little more festive and formal, you can opt for an invite —paperless post When Ebite Favorite. Ask your guest to RSVP for her and let them know which of her cookies you’re bringing. If you had this information up front, you wouldn’t get a million sugar cookies (but it could be worse).

as for when Hosting a cookie exchange can be a little tricky. The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, and things tend to get busier towards the end of the month with travel and family. Aim to host a cookie swap during his first two weeks in December. That way, your guests have time to get out of the (fun) Thanksgiving madness and join the party before their calendars fill up.

Determining the Best Number of Cookies to Bake

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about hosting cookie swaps: How many cookies will you make? I don’t want to run out of control and end up with a bunch of cookies that have no chance of being eaten by Christmas. Or you don’t want anyone to leave the party empty-handed.

To ensure everyone receives a fair share of cookies, ask your guests to make a dozen cookies for each attendee. It is estimated that each guest will leave with her 6 cookies and that he will sample 6 of each recipe at the party. what kind of cookies do you make? Choose treats that travel well, don’t require much decoration, and can be packed anywhere without crumbling. When it comes to the holiday season, you can find some sleight of hand.

Prepare your cookie package in advance

Plastic zipper bags and Tupperware always work in a pinch, but here we’re aiming for something as cute as it is convenient. You will find a bakery box. (If you’re feeling crafty, we also love These ideas for DIY cookie wrapping. ) It’s also a good idea to include some ribbons and tags for guests to label the cookies. Set up a packing station so guests can wrap cookies on the go.

keep decoration simple

There are some “rules” to make cookie swapping seamless, but at its best, it’s an easy task. Let the treats do the talking and keep your decor simple and seasonal.

First, clear the largest table or designate the kitchen counter as the focal point for your holiday cookie exchange. Use folded card stock and a pen to create cookie labels for each recipe (don’t underestimate the charm of handwriting).festive table cloths neutral linen It’s the perfect table topper.

From there, we are in favor of embracing hygge. Tealights create a cozy atmosphere, while faux fur draped over the backs of the chairs invites guests into comfort. As for flowers, simple seasonal branches placed in vases make a beautiful statement, while accents of eucalyptus and pine add a charming pop of green (see how Camille created the look here). please look!).

prepare a delicious snack buffet

While you may be hosting a cookie exchange party, it’s a good idea to offer other snacks as well. Make a cheese board—A holiday season dessert with nuts, dried fruits, cured meats and crackers. As for appetizers, these artichoke tarts are the perfect finger food, and this eggplant spread was made for dipping. I also like the appearance of placing it on the side.

From there, you can bake cookies, hug your friends, and sample all the sweet treats. Don’t overthink it! Decide on the details and enjoy the festive holiday season ahead.

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