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Four Party Looks: Which Do You Like?

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cat chen

Planning to go to a holiday dinner or get-together? I’ve historically stayed in for New Years (I explained it in my first CoJ post!), but this year I’m tempted to go out just to see everyone’s appearances. For example, how cool Kat Chen look, up, in silver pantsHere are four styles to consider…

1. black jumpsuitAll you have to do is pull on the jumpsuit and *poof* it. You are charming and ready. (The only problem is the bathroom situation, but is it worth it?) something like silk Give off 70’s vibes.Join this if you want attention halter number.

2. Red dress. I found the dress punchy at every event I attended this fall, and now I can’t wait to wear it. cross strap very elegant and romantic frill stage?I’m watching too velvet cutie – and this looks like Present!

3. Sequins and sparkles. 2023 feels like the year people finally get out and celebrate. Should we all up the ante and wear our sparkles?! metallic minithis sparkly top The sleeves are the cutest. If you wear pants this is your answer. Also, pleats!!!!!!!!

4. Black dressIf you want classic elegance, you can’t go wrong with black.make a statement in velvet wrap Also ethereal maxi. Also, slip dress It looks great alone or under a super soft cardigan. this neckline?

idea? which style do you wear?In the meantime, I might pull it to make it cute even though it’s a stay home this sweater When this pants.

PS Everyday Manicure, a fun host gift.

(top photo of Kat Chen From Instagram. )

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