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Twice Baked Potatoes (Freezer Friendly)

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double baked potato A favorite side dish and perfect to make ahead.

Baked sweet potato skin stuffed with creamy mashed potatoes, cheese, green onions and bacon. Add your favorite ingredients and bake until warm.

Stuffed potatoes are the perfect side dish and can be frozen well and even baked from frozen.

twice baked potato

Twice Delicious Twice Baked Potatoes

Oven baked potatoes are our go-to, but we love these dreamy double-baked potatoes with their crispy crust and cheesy potato filling.

  • double baked potato like easy to make Because they are delicious!
  • ready day Beforehand.
  • they can also be frozen Baked frozen.
  • They are cheap It’s a way to feed the crowd and you can add whatever you like to the mix!

The perfect potato for Twice Baked

The best potatoes for twice baked potatoes are maroon or baked potatoes (the same potatoes used for mashing).

Of course, this recipe works with almost any variety, though the texture may vary slightly.

double baked potato ingredients

How to make kaiyaki potato

This is an easy recipe for double baked potatoes.

  1. bake potatoes: Bake potatoes in an oven, microwave or air fryer until tender.
  2. Cut the potatoes in half lengthwise and scoop out the insides with a spoon.
  3. mash the potatoes Stir in add-in, spoon back into skin, and sprinkle with cheese.
  4. bake until heated.

to eat: Alter the mashed potato filling with optional additions or leftovers. Stir in ground beef (or leftover octopus meat), cooked chicken, steamed vegetables, or broccoli.

Make twice baked potatoes ahead of time

Prepare according to directions below until skins are filled with mashed potato mixture.

  • refrigerator: Place the prepared potatoes in an airtight container and refrigerate up to 2 days before baking.Once cooled from the refrigerator, the potatoes may require an additional 5 to 7 minutes to bake.
  • freezer: Cool completely and freeze in a frying pan. Frozen potatoes can be stored in containers or freezer bags.
  • Bake from frozen: Preheat oven to 350°F. Arrange the potatoes on a baking sheet and bake for 35 to 40 minutes or until medium cooked.
Uncooked twice baked potatoes in a frying pan

perfect potato tips

  • Use starchy potatoes like maroon or Baked sweet potato is the best with this recipe.
  • Adding 1/4 cup spread cream cheese (any flavor, herbs, garlic is a favorite) is optional, but delicious.
  • Mash potatoes until smooth. If using a hand mixer, be careful not to overmix.
  • Be sure to leave at least 1/8 to 1/4 inch of the shell so the skin doesn’t split or crack.
  • To make the filling easier, place the prepared filling in a freezer bag and snip off a corner.
  • Once the potato skins are stuffed, they can be frozen or refrigerated. If you bake frozen potatoes, increase the baking time by 15-20 minutes.

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twice baked potato

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double baked potato

Bake creamy potatoes with bacon, cheese and chives until golden brown. These are the perfect side dish for any meal.

preparation time 15 minutes

cooking time 1 time 15 minutes

total time 1 time 30 minutes

  • Preheat oven to 375°F. Peel the potatoes and chop them with a fork. Bake potatoes in the oven for 50-60 minutes or until tender. Let cool until cool enough to handle.

  • Slice each potato in half lengthwise. Skim potato pulp leaving 1/8-inch shells.

  • Place potatoes, sour cream, butter, garlic powder, salt and pepper in a large bowl. Mash with a potato masher (or electric mixer) until smooth. Add milk as needed to create a creamy texture. Some or all of the milk may not be needed.

  • Add chives, bacon, and 3/4 cup cheddar cheese.

  • Fill each skin with mashed potato mixture and top with remaining cheese.

  • Bake 15-20 minutes* or until hot and cheese melts.

  • Potatoes can also be baked in the oven air fryer Or microwave.
  • mash the potatoes while it’s warm for maximum consistency. You can add enough moisture with sour cream and butter. Check potatoes before adding extra liquid.
  • You can make fluffy whipped potatoes with a hand mixer, but if you mix too much, it will become gummy, so mix until fluffy.
  • Be sure to leave at least 1/8 to 1/4 inch of the shell so the skin doesn’t split or crack.
  • I often bake an extra potato in case one of the skins breaks off.
  • For easier filling, place the prepared filling in a freezer bag and cut off the corners.
  • Once the potato skins are stuffed, they can be frozen or refrigerated. If you bake frozen potatoes, increase the baking time by 15-20 minutes.

calorie: 222 | | carbohydrate: 16g | | protein: 7g | | thick: 14g | | saturated fat: 7g | | cholesterol: 36mg | | sodium: 214mg | | potassium: 412mg | | fiber: 1g | | sugar: 1g | | Vitamin A: 325IU | | Vitamin C: Fivemg | | calcium: 133mg | | iron: 0.9mg

Nutritional information provided is an estimate and will vary depending on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used.

course side dish
cooking American
Twice Baked Potato Like Cheese, Titled Plate
Close up of twice baked potatoes on plate with title
Potatoes baked twice on a baking sheet before being titled and cooked
Twice-baked potatoes on the baking sheet, plated with letters

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