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Hands Down, the Best Jarred Alfredo Sauce

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Nothing reminds me of my childhood like a big bowl of Fettuccine Alfredo. (Come on, I’m not the only one.) There’s something so simple and cozy about a big bowl of noodles swimming in a rich, cheesy sauce. Sure, some might call cacio e pepe a more grown-up version of Alfredo, but I still consider the classic very nostalgic and, of course, delicious. And after the red sauce taste-off, it felt fitting to follow up with the best Jar Alfredo sauce from the grocery store.

In true taste-off fashion, we ran to the grocery store and bought every Alfredo sauce we could find and take home to test. Standing around the kitchen counter, eating spoonfuls from a jar of Alfredo sauce. (It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.)

Keep reading to find out who won the title of best bottled Alfredo sauce in the latest taste-off.

Best Jar Alfred Sauce Ranking Guidelines

  • flavor. We were looking for a savory, cheesy sauce that wasn’t overpoweringly salty or artificial.
  • texture. We wanted a creamy, smooth sauce that clung to the pasta noodles.
  • Do you want to eat this with a spoon? A surprising question we found ourselves asking ourselves after each taste.

test process

Similar to how we operate For the Marinara Sauce Taste-Off, we tasted each Alfredo sauce straight from the jar, along with the noodles. This allowed us to compare whether each sauce was good enough on its own and whether it was directional with pasta.

Keep scrolling to find out who won the Alfredo Sauce Tasting Party!

When I saw the vegan notation on the jar, I knew right away that it would be difficult to drizzle this sauce on top. I thought I deserved it. Unfortunately, this sauce didn’t work. The texture was a little grainy, and the taste was an all-around pass for the tasting team.

As soon as we dipped our spoons into this jar of Alfredo, we immediately called it a pass. The texture was good, but the taste was very tangy. (And just to be clear, it’s not the way I was looking for it from the Alfred sauce.)

I was worried it wouldn’t be fair to test the Alfredo sauce with the extra garlic, but this was the only version my local Whole Foods had on the shelf. When I tasted it, my hesitation was blown away. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the label ‘roasted garlic’, just Alfred he would have called the sauce. The texture was good, but it lacked the flavor we were craving (roasted garlic is supposed to come with anything.)

You see, I was sad that this ranked in the middle too.Laos is Winner of the Pasta Sauce Tasteoff, obviously, our expectations were high. very salty. However, it tastes better when diluted with the pasta water. Trust: This method is highly recommended if you are using Rao.Wow, because the first thing we said about this sauce was SALT

This was a great option in the middle of the pack. The taste was not too cheesy, and it felt fragrant above all. But overall, it had a creamy texture, so I didn’t mind. Obviously not a bad option, but it wouldn’t be our first choice.

I was ready to hate this sauce, but was pleasantly surprised. Like I said, it tasted a little more nutty than cheese, but overall it was a nice sauce.

We were all ready to ignore this nomination, but were surprised at how much we liked it. But the texture was just right. I keep this in the back of my pantry for emergency pasta nights.

The first thing we tasted in this Alfredo sauce was the Parmesan cheese, and the intense cheesy flavor came through immediately, setting it apart from the other sauces in this line-up. The texture was a little mushy, but it benefited from the water in the pasta.

No doubt there were a few surprise winners at the tasting party, but nothing like this. The best jar Alfredo sauce didn’t come in a jar from the pasta aisle. After all, the best of the best is in the refrigerated section. The taste was clean, with a balanced cheesy richness that was indulgent without being too heavy. The texture was very creamy and stuck to the noodles, making me come back again and again. Overall, the answer was clear. This is what I keep adding to my cart.

Have we tried your favorite? Let us know in the comments what items should be tested at the next tasteoff.

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