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West Warwick students claim substitute bus driver was speeding, blowing stop signs

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Sarah Dwaron and Kayla Fish

1 hour ago

West Warwick, Rhode Island (WPRI) — Liam and Zoe Hume usually love taking the bus to and from Greenbush Elementary School.

But on Thursday, the brothers feared for their lives when a substitute bus driver got behind the wheel and began acting erratically.

Both Liam and Zoe allege that the bus driver blew up speeding, stop signs, hit the brakes multiple times, and went over curbs.

“I was so scared because I thought he was going to flip the bus over,” recalls Zoe.

“A five-year-old could drive better than him,” Liam added. “Whenever he ran fast…the kids were screaming. Some kids got scared and got off the bus before it stopped.”

The brothers told 12 News that some of the students on the bus hit their heads on the windows when the driver swerved and swerved the steering wheel.

“He was laughing when the kids were crying,” Zoe said. “He was laughing.”

Liam and Zoe’s father, William Hume, said he was absolutely furious when he found out what happened.

“When you send kids to school, they expect it to be safe,” he said. “For him to drive like that is to endanger the lives of children. What if he flips the bus over?”

West Warwick Police Department tells 12 News that an investigation is ongoing after a parent reported the bus driver’s erratic behavior. The parent claimed that at least one of his students on the bus was injured.

First Students, which provides transportation services to the town’s school district, is also investigating the allegations. In a statement, a First Student spokesperson confirmed the driver was hired by the company.

“First students have an incredible responsibility to safely get students to and from school every day, and we take that responsibility very seriously,” the spokesperson said. “Our driver will not drive the bus during the investigation.”

West Warwick Superintendent Karen Taracevic said the school district is aware of the allegations and will work with first students to investigate.

The bus driver has not been identified. It is unclear if he will be charged.

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