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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! | Cup of Jo

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pumpkin pie

pumpkin pie

If you were to celebrate Thanksgiving, what would your plans be? Dad would come over and we would be in charge of making the turkey meat, stuffing and mashed potatoes, and our friends would bring the rest. Also, I can’t thank you enough for this community of warm, funny, smart people and I love you so much. Have a nice week. Here are some fun links on the web…

get excited to see this great movie.

Learning from Eating Alone“I’ve read that ‘there’s no food sadder than personal pizza,’ and I didn’t immediately agree… Look, sad food isn’t the same as Solitude food. Celebrate the luxury of being.” (Atlantic)

oh my god This Frasier Calendar You made me laugh for three days.

your mother is destined to get you into trouble“When I’m with my parents, I have a 48-hour silence limit. After two days, my alarm goes off and it feels like I’m back in 1999.” (NYTimes gift link)

made by my sister pickled onions Last night I ate it with manchego cheese and bread to add a delicious bright crunch.

my favorite coat ever.

how gorgeous autumn garden.

Weekly movie dates to keep the winter blues at bayCan I also suggest a soup group and a daily walk? (New York Magazine)

Me as a Teenager/Young Adult Haha.

15 readers on how they cut costs“Swapping clothes with a friend is definitely more fun than walking around an uncomfortably bright mall. I had never worn a huge Hawaiian shirt or a lacy tank top. (Atlantic)

“Why was open adoption the right choice for our family?”

how warm and welcoming this is apartment makeover?

Finally, here are 5 surprising sales.

* 50% off with code SHOPEARLY J.Crew. cute top Party! )

* 40% off with code OHJOY Madewell. this sweater It’s on my wishlist.

* 50% off with code YAY loftjust ordered this everyday shirt.

* nordstrom We have massive promotions all over the site. This genius hair tool It’s on sale.

* 30% off with code JOY derm store. I use this in the shower every day.

Looking for ideas? Check out our previous gift guides for 2022. Have a nice weekend. XO XO

Note: When you buy something through our links, we may earn free affiliate commissions and sponsorships with brands. We only recommend products that we really like. Thank you very much.

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