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6 Ways to Not Dread the In-Laws for the Holidays

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You will never be put in a position to assert your worth or value. That’s your spouse’s job. In our marriage vows, we pledged to love, respect and cherish each other. This is especially important when it comes to the spouse’s parents. It doesn’t matter if they are older than you. It is most important that they treat you with respect. Ask your spouse to speak for you on your behalf. Ask your spouse to set boundaries for your communication and interactions with each other.

This is not only important for your spouse, but it is also an important example for your children.They live what they learn. When they see you love each other and put each other first, they will grow as well. When you got married, you left your father and mother and became one. Your new family should take precedence over your relatives. You should not tolerate abuse. Neither should your spouse. If your spouse is unwilling to defend you on your behalf, there are marital issues that need to be resolved. Seek professional help if necessary.

4. Get to know them

In this world of technology, we have lost the art of communication. Sometimes parents just want to be heard and want their stories told so that their emotional needs are known and seen. Ask about how you got married, what it was like when you had your first child, and your relationship with your in-laws. Showing your spouse that you value them as an important part of your life can help reduce tension. It eases their awkwardness of not being able to have children anymore. He learns a thing or two he didn’t know before, gains greater insight into his spouse, and can foster intimacy and deeper communication.

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