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How Have Your Holidays Changed Through the Years?

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family holiday traditions

family holiday traditions

For over a decade, I’ve spent Thanksgiving with my partner whose family is dedicated to the holiday. It was a novel way for someone who grew up in a Korean household where Thanksgiving was not an event. (Our version of Thanksgiving followed the lunar calendar, and the menu didn’t look quite like the all-American classics served at his house.)

His parents’ house had a stuffed sausage that was introduced early in our relationship a year and perfected over time. As well as timeless classics like his mom’s creamed onions, decades-old recipes handwritten in cursive on index cards. There is a possibility that he appeared on this occasion with a congratulatory handkerchief wrapped around his neck.

Thanksgiving wasn’t Thanksgiving until Aunt Mary arrived with a Tupperware full of Nestle Toll House cookies. Jim made a grape punch that is served in the same glass bowl every year and topped with a slice of orange. (Mary and Jim were brothers, and their relationship didn’t change in their 60s.)

As soon as Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas season is upon us. Other important ceremonies followed, such as picking fir trees from the makeshift forests that line the streets near the West Village apartments. Back home, we debated the name, always looking for something uniquely sounding like Charles or Douglas or the last name Farr.

But what was once the most wonderful time of the year is now the most bittersweet. , all the beloved traditions we celebrated together have come to an end.

This year, I found myself in my mother’s sun-drenched kitchen on the West Coast and recreated a past Thanksgiving stuffing recipe. As the best memories do, the best parts can live on, and even when I miss the way things used to be, I briefly embrace the familiar scent of sage and butter wafting from the oven. You can

Even if this holiday feels different than usual, I hope you find yourself immersed in the precious moments that have passed but still make you smile, and the moments of the future that have yet to come. And if it’s hard to imagine right now, many people like me understand and carry your grief and want to ease your heartache by sharing our story. thinking.

What traditions or loved ones are you missing this year? What new things have you created over the years? (If you’re looking for inspiration, here are 10 great ideas from our readers!)

Jenny Jin I am a beauty editor, writer and on-air professional based in Los Angeles. In Cup of Jo, she shares her outfit for the week and writes about breakups and friendships. find her on her instagram @jyjinshe happily replies to DMs about life, sunscreen, K-pop sensations, and BTS.

PS How to write a condolence card and 4 ways to take care of yourself.

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