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How Roti Brown Crafts a Morning of Beautiful Moments

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From the way we drink coffee in the morning to the way we set the table and invite others around it, the ritual manifests itself perfectly and is a cue to find beauty in each moment. Here’s how some of us weave rituals into our daily lives.view all

Roti Brown knows the beauty of a quiet routine. She allows the morning to open up organically, creating space for the rituals the mind, body and spirit crave before she sets in for the day. Sometimes it’s just as easy, sometimes it’s as effective as your morning workout. But whatever her early hours, one consistency remains. Lottie Brown always prioritizes what makes her feel good.

In our minute-to-minute world, the ability to carve out time for ourselves can seem like a luxury. It’s clear from her morning moves in , that she shares our feelings. Skeptics, don’t worry. Her work only benefits from the time she gives herself.

As creator, Roti is mindful of the balance between seeking external inspiration and looking inward for answers. She embraces slow mornings and recognizes that the time she spends before opening her computer is sacred. But still, like the most refreshing and genuine of us, her intentions are filled with a healthy dose of reality in 2023. She sometimes resists her media glamor socially and her Keep your habits simple. Oh, she knows the importance of a fresh bouquet each week.

Step into the creative world of Roti Brown

That’s because Roti Brown recognizes the simple, small details that make life more beautiful. She seeks stillness and pause to appreciate the magic of fresh air. And of course, Roti knows that simply stepping into the kitchen and trying new dishes is the secret to her growth.

If you’re wondering how to find more time for yourself throughout the day, Roti’s routine is sure to inspire you. Read on to discover the rituals that nurture her days in creative bliss.

How do you start each morning?

I do my best to stay away from Instagram first thing in the morning. Instead, he likes to pick up a book and start the day. I usually brew matcha and go out for a morning walk or exercise class. I’m trying to make the first part of my morning routine about myself. Before you focus on work or outside requests, take time to do what you need to do. I like slow mornings and consider the time before opening the computer sacred. Gives you a little recharge before the day feels rushed.

I’m trying to make the first part of my morning routine about myself.

What are you trying to do every day, no matter what?

Spend enough time drinking water and breathing fresh air.

How does your space design reflect your priorities and goals?

I love finding inspiration in my environment. Calmness, warmth, and the balance between beauty and simplicity are important to me. I did my best to make them shine in my studio.

I am also deeply inspired by nature and incorporate my favorite elements into the design process. Wood, stone and neutral tones played a large role in the overall design.

As for my goals, I’m a content creator by profession, so being in a space that naturally encourages me to capture those beautiful moments is a plus. I strive to be authentic in what I share and the work I put out.I want to share something that makes me feel something, something that speaks to me. [my photo studio] It’s really easy.

Are there any household chores that you actually look forward to?

It’s not a chore at all, but I go to the flower market every week to pick out new fresh flowers for my home. It’s the little things I do for myself that I look forward to all week long.

what is your favorite scent?

I’m not good at meditation, but the smell of cooking helps me relax. It may sound strange, but I always make a lot of hot spiced stews and soups. I like getting lost in books and endlessly scrolling through social media while waiting for the timer to go off.

I think there is nostalgia. My family is from the small island of Tobago, where curries and other stews are a big part of the culture. I have always loved eating and cooking these dishes, so even the smell relaxes me and calms me down.

I love getting together with people I care about. I love conversations that are easy to do with food as a lubricant. I love connecting with new cultures and sharing my culture through food. I especially love cooking as a love language.

What role does food play in your daily life?

big role. My three favorite things are cooking, eating, eating. For me, food is more than nourishment. I love getting together with people I care about. I love conversations that are easy to do with food as a lubricant. I love connecting with new cultures and sharing my culture through food. I especially love cooking as a love language.

How do you keep your energy up throughout the day?

By scheduling breaks, you’ll otherwise burn yourself out early in the day and be unable to do anything.

Where do you look for inspiration when your creativity feels stifled?

Usually I like to look to nature. Being in a beautiful landscape is like a creative reset.

But when I’m experiencing a more intense creative block, I like working on projects that I’m passionate about. During the pandemic I was burnt out. I exhausted my creative muscles and didn’t know how to regain my love for the creative process. was helpful. Now that it’s finished, I’m really excited to share Somi with everyone!

What are you doing to prioritize your health and wellness?

Schedule reading, exercise, and downtime.

What’s the best career advice someone gave you?

A long time ago, a mentor told me to value momentum. They encouraged me by telling me that whatever I wanted to do, I should just start and keep going. So I love that advice.

How would you describe your work/life balance? Do you structure and separate things, or are you a master multitasker?

I think this is the balance I’m still trying to find. For now it looks like a micro boundary. Late at night and early in the morning, I put my phone in another room and sleep, so there are days when I can’t check emails or Instagram.

Where is the best place in your home? why?

I’m often seen sitting on the couch with my feet up on the coffee table and wrapped in a blanket. It’s cozy and warm (I’m always cold, so this is great). On the right you can see the backyard and directly above there is a skylight.

Name one essential food or kitchen item.

Probably curry powder or my instapot. I use both in (almost) all recipes.

What’s your go-to way to relax after a long day?

The phone is in good-night mode, the lights are dim, and the music is soft. I’m really good at doing nothing for a little while after running around all day.

What is your favorite time of day and why?

Sunset when you have time to enjoy the scenery. If not, I love mornings. I think it’s quiet and cool air.

For more inspiration to help you establish a supportive lil tal, watch Camille show you her time-stamped morning routine.

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