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How to choose the electric bike that’s right for you | Autoblog

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Electric bikes have exploded in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. With an electric bike, not only can you ride longer distances faster and with less fatigue, but you can also enjoy places and terrain previously unexplored due to how difficult it was to ride a regular bike. .

Despite the many benefits, the variety, costs and laws surrounding e-bikes can leave many wondering which bike to buy.

electric bike class

Electric bike laws vary from state to state. Currently, 36 states recognize her three-class system of electric bicycles. I live in Colorado, so I’ll use that as an example. Learn more about e-bike laws by state below. This article on juicedbikes.comTo be considered an e-bike in Colorado, a moped must have two or three wheels, have operable pedals and a motor delivering up to 750 watts of power. There are e-bikes on the market with motors over 750 watts, like the Jeep e-bike. In Colorado, they are considered OHV/low power scooters or dirt bikes and are restricted to motorized trails.

All e-bikes that meet the above criteria fall into three categories with the creative names Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3.

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A Class 1 e-bike is an e-bike that provides assistance only while pedaling (no throttle switch) and only up to 20 mph. This doesn’t mean your bike can’t go faster than 20mph (I hit 48mph on a big downhill near my house on an e-bike). From 20.

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Class 2 e-bikes are similar to class 1 e-bikes in that the motor only assists up to 20 miles per hour. The only difference is that you don’t have to press the pedal to activate the motor. Most often this is done using a throttle switch.

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A class 3 e-bike, like the example above, is similar to a class 1 e-bike in that you must pedal in order for the motor to assist. The difference here is that the motor provides assistance up to 28 mph instead of 20 mph.

Why These Classes Matter These classes determine where you can legally ride an e-bike. A favorite trail near my house only allows Class 1 e-bikes on dirt trails and Class 2s can only be ridden on paved trails, so it’s important to know the rules where you ride. . Some e-bikes, such as the 750-watt Jeep e-bike, allow you to change bike classes simply by removing the throttle switch, but others are permanent, so check your local laws and regulations before purchasing. Please check the regulations.

Type of electric bicycle

Now that the class is over, let’s talk about different electric bike types. This is exactly the same as choosing a rickshaw type.

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Cruiser or Commuter Bike – Like the Harley models listed at the top of the page and the Specialized above, you need this type of bike if you’re going to use it only in the most casual way possible on paved or smooth terrain.

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Mountain bike – Mountain bikes fall into several different categories.The main two are hardtails and full suspensionHardtail bikes are bikes that have shocks on the front forks of the bike, while full suspension has shocks on both the front and rear for a smoother ride. It has big bumpy tires that are great for navigating rough terrain.

Mountain bikes for adults usually have three different wheel sizes: 26″, 27.5″ and 29″. A bit dated these days, 26-inch wheels tend to be more maneuverable. On the other hand, the 29-inch wheels roll easily over rough terrain, and the 27.5-inch sits somewhere in between.

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road bike – Road bikes are generally the lightest and fastest bikes on pavement. It features an aggressive geometry that prioritizes aerodynamics over comfort.

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gravel bike – Geometry is similar to a road bike, but with wider tires and lower gears to navigate rougher terrain easier than a road bike

Other considerations

For example, let’s say you like to ride dirt trails with some rocks and jumps and want to buy a full-suspension Class 1 e-bike. There are a few things to consider.

removable and non-removable batteries – If you need more range than a single battery can provide, or if you want to upgrade your battery after a few years because its performance starts to degrade, you’ll need a removable battery. Make sure you have a way to lock or secure your bike to prevent it from being stolen when you park it. If not, you can always carry it in your backpack, but it can quickly become a hassle.

bike transport – Due to the battery and motor, e-bikes are considerably heavier than human-powered bikes. For this reason, when buying a bike rack, you should make sure you are buying one that can handle the weight of your e-bike. Companies like Yakima, Thule, Kuat and Saris all Rack for exclusive use of electric bicyclePersonally, I’m more of a fan of hitch-mounted racks than trunk-style racks. They are safer and I know they can handle 75 lb fat tire e-bikes considering the hitch is used to tow everything from RVs to boats.

range – Range is arguably the most important aspect of an e-bike. Yes, if you run out of juice, you can still paddle home on an e-bike, but it’s much heavier than a human-powered bike, so depending on what the road home looks like, it’s going to take a long time to get home. is not always the easiest. the bike i have. Range also varies greatly depending on your ride and the amount of assistance you use. On a class 2 bike, if he’s ridden big hills all day and hasn’t touched the pedals once on the uphills, he’s going to get more mileage than someone who rides the same bike and uses relatively flat terrain very little. looks very different. of support.

Besides riding style, other factors that can affect range include weight, temperature, battery age, and tire pressure. The heavier the rider, the lower the range. The same goes for your trailer if you’re towing a bike. As for the temperature, the range will be reduced when it gets cold, as it stresses the battery. Just like battery life, the older it gets, the less range it has. Finally, lower tire pressure means more contact with the running surface, more friction, and less overall battery range.

Some e-bikes come with a computer that tells you how to adapt your riding style to get the most out of your battery, thus increasing the overall range of e-bikes.

maintenance – Electric bike maintenance is similar to regular bike maintenance in that things need to be kept clean, well lubricated and in good condition for the bike to perform at its best. I’m here. Tire pressure, chain lubrication and cleaning should be done regularly. Due to the motor, e-bike components can be subjected to greater loads than human-powered bicycle components, so they may wear out and need to be replaced.check out This article For more information on e-bike maintenance, visit bikeradar.com.

price – Budgets vary from person to person based on how much you are comfortable spending. Electric bikes are generally more expensive than human-powered bikes because they have more moving parts. Remember, like any regular bike, it’s worth what you pay for. Low cost cheap e-bikes usually save money by using inferior quality components that are heavy and don’t work or last long. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t throw $9,000 into the full suspension of the . Know what your use case is and know what you’re going for.

How to decide which bike is right for you

By reading all of the above and being honest with yourself about how you actually use your bike. Or some may not be available due to state regulations. So be sure to do your research. fun cycling.

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