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my love! I am flying to England tonight for my grandmother’s funeral. I read poetry in her service and sing all the hymns and celebrate her life with my father, aunts, uncles, brothers, cousins, nieces and nephews. will be paused and the link list will be published on Friday.

On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for blogging, enjoy some of our favorite articles below. And as always, thank you for being here. This community of smart, funny, lovely women (and a few guys — hello Luke!) is a real pleasure to interact with.

How to feel your best in a swimsuit.
How to always have nice underwear.
How to wear comfortable sneakers on long walks.
How to style stripes.
How to find your dream wedding dress.

Great way to apply lipstick.
How to choose a meaningful tattoo.
How to love how you look.
How to find the right hair part.
How to embrace your best life (and seven cups of tea a day).

How to decorate a (very) small space.
How to find engaging TV shows.
How to create a cozy corner at home.
How to send a funny thank you note.
A way to fill your home with surprises and delights.

How to create the perfect Trader Joe’s grocery list.
How children talk while eating.
How to captivate your dinner guests.
An easy way to bake killer bread.
How to eat spring vegetables

How to pack for travel.
How to find the smelliest cheese in Paris.
How to survive a flight with kids.
How to really relax on vacation.
How to (and enjoy) solo travel.

How to make friends without spending money.
How to write a condolence letter.
How to deal with pre-date jitter.
How to feel comfortable in your own skin.
How to use the wonderful advice of the therapist.

How to know if you are ready to have a baby
How to raise children around the world.
How to raise teenage boys and teenage girls.
How to slowly challenge parenting.
How to make a toddler argue.

Life in general:
How to relieve panic attacks.
How not to act around celebrities.
How to level up in your career.
How to find good audiobooks.
how to change your life.

Thank you for reading. There are also great reader comments and photos. Have a great week! XO XO

(Photo layout by Jannelle Sanchez. Top-to-bottom, left-to-right grid: see my body with fresh eyes Illustration by Jannelle Sanchez Alessandra Oranou; photo courtesy of Farmer’s Bread Ali Stafford4 pictures of wedding looks Sylvie Rosokoff; spring dinner photo courtesy Yoshi AlephyCatherine Newman House Tour Photo Courtesy Lindsey Hannah; illustration by Ethan Hawke Alessandra Oranou; How to write a condolence letter photo by our food story.)

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