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Elon Musk says he wants to start ‘TruthGPT’ to rival OpenAI and Google

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Elon Musk’s AI company plans are starting to take shape. Twitter’s CEO said he wants to “create a third option” for companies that can compete with OpenAI and Google.

of and fox newsMusk plans to call the venture “TruthGPT,” whose goal is to create “a maximal truth-seeking AI that seeks to understand the nature of the universe,” and that “hopefully, Do more good than harm,” he said.

Musk admitted that a “slow start” would put him at a significant disadvantage to his rivals. And, as is often the case, it’s unclear how serious his plans really are or how far they’ve gotten, although Musk recently announced that he’s also been working with DeepMind for his unknown Twitter AI project. reportedly bought and hired thousands of researchers from It’s unclear if the two initiatives are related.musk is known employees throughout his company.

Musk said his motivation stemmed from concerns about the direction of AI and the threat it might pose to humanity. In particular, he was an early backer of his OpenAI and contributed to its launch. But Musk distanced himself from the organization after it was reported We spoke with Sam Altman about who will run the organization.Most recently he OpenAI to spin off a for-profit business and work with Microsoft.

It’s unclear how Musk’s AI plans will affect Twitter, but he hinted at one of the service’s upcoming features. He said Twitter is working on a feature that would allow users to optionally encrypt his direct messages, “hopefully later this month, or next month at the latest.”

Encrypted direct messaging is rumored, with encrypted messaging app Musk previously Twitter should provide Signal-style encryption. “If you’re having a conversation that you think is confidential, just turn on encryption and no one on Twitter can know what you’re talking about,” Musk explained.

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