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How To Go From Casual to a Committed Relationship

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recently posted instagram videos It went viral and received 200,000 views in a few hours. I was hesitant to post because I found the topic quite “meta” and confusing. It clearly resonated with me, so I wanted to share the concept with you.


It’s common for people to lead with one side of themselves when we date. This can be a variety of ways to get someone to like you for attractiveness, good looks, intelligence, money, wealth, status, or even being useful.

Often this is a quality that has been validated or rewarded from a young age. For example, if you were constantly told that you were cute as a child, you might use your physical appearance as the main attribute you rely on to gain romantic interest. You’ve spent so much time and energy on physical perfection and placed so much value on your appearance that you may even hold yourself to impossible beauty standards.

Or maybe your parents valued your grades and grades when you were a kid. You grow up thinking that success and money are what make you valuable. Pay for everything, pamper your partner with extravagant gifts, and highlight how accomplished and successful you are.

And it might work – dating or someone interested in you first.

This helps open the door to attracting someone, but it’s an ego transaction, so it doesn’t make the connection grow into a deeper bond.

Ego Deal vs. Soul Connection

Ann ego trading It’s time to date someone just for their superficial qualities.It also happens when we lead with our superficial qualities and don’t let anyone see who we are. Meet our representative.

This kind of connection is fickle as it can be lost at any time. Let’s face it, there will always be hotter, smarter, richer people.

a soul connectionThey show their essence: their scars, their bruises, their histories – their own Everything is included.

Only when two people appear as their true selves, soul connection It will be created.

People can always surpass your ego, but they can never surpass your soul.

Of course, I’m not saying suddenly open up about your childhood trauma on a first date. Also, I’m not promoting the idea of ​​unique soulmates (hint: that’s a lie). I’m proposing that it takes more than the one aspect that opened the door for someone to actually create a bond that goes beyond superficial attraction. It’s part of the dance that happens through time and experience with, and you need someone to gradually see the other part of you.

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