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How to Make a Lillet Spritz—This Summer’s It Cocktail

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Summer is a delicious season. We look forward to long, sunny days, backyard get-togethers, and of course, delicious drinks all year round. With the onset of warmer weather, we crave light, refreshing cocktails that epitomize the essence of summer. If that resonates with you, mix in a rillette spritz.

I, too, fell victim to the 2020 Aperol Spritz craze, but nothing takes me to France more than a effervescent blend of rillette rosé, sparkling wine, and summery citrus. (In other words, a state of pure relaxation.) If you’re looking for more romantic ways to spend your summer, you’re in luck. Here are some super-simple steps to make one of my favorite summer cocktails.

Ingredients needed for Rilette Rose Spritz

Let’s talk about the simple components that make this Spritz so special. First, let’s start with the glass. Cocktails always taste best when served right. To make Lillette Spritz feel like a real European vacation, I serve cocktails in large sizes. A wine glass with a stem. It captures the perfect casual elegant atmosphere.

Rilette Rosé. The classic Lillette Spritz is made with Lillette Blanc, but since I’m a pink girl (it’s Barbie Core summer, after all), I thought it was fitting to pick my favorite bottle. . Rillet Rosé. I love its delicate fruity fragrance. It’s lighter than sangria, but still gives it that summery flavor. It is the driving force and foundation of the Lillette Spritz cocktail.

sparkling wine. This is where I tend to deviate from tradition. Prosecco, an Italian sparkling white wine, takes this drink away from its pure French vibe. However, I love the citrusy lemon notes imparted to the glass that perfectly balance the sweet and fruity flavors of the Rillet Rosé. Otherwise, champagne or your favorite sparkling wine is best.

Next, we introduce the star of the show, Lillette Rosé. For 1 cup, measure out 2 ounces of aperitif and pour over ice. This adds a touch of elegance with a hint of floral sweetness to the drink.

orange bitters. Although optional, I love the complexity the orange bitters bring to the drink. It has a tropical flavor with a little spice. It has the following effects on Rillet Spritz: Je ne Sais Kui element.

soda water. After all, more bubbles create a splash. Once the other ingredients are mixed, pour club soda or sparkling water over your drink.

Citrus and fruit slices. Add a pop of color and flavor by garnishing with slices of your favorite citrus or fruit. I love sliced ​​oranges, limes and strawberries. A few sprigs of fresh herbs from your garden (thyme is great) are fine.

Step 2: Prepare your glasses

A fancy drink needs a chilled glass, but not here. Just add ice to your wine glass. This way, you can stay cool and refreshed while drinking your Lillette Spritz.

Step 3: (Optional) Add a dash of orange bitters

This rillette rosé spritz couldn’t be simpler, relying heavily on the complex layers of flavor that each ingredient adds to the cocktail. Orange bitters are optional, but I found that they brought a hint of bitterness and a nice citrusy quality to the mix. If you’re feeling adventurous, give it a try.

Step 4: Pop the Bubbles!

Lillette Rosé Spritz is created for relaxation, summer fun and celebration. Open a bottle of foam and add Spritz’s signature effervescence. Measure out 2 ounces of sparkling wine and pour into a glass. The bubbles mix with the rillette rosé to create a symphony of flavors.

For a refreshing shine and flavor balance, finish the Lillette Spritz with a splash of club soda. Add gentle bubbles to cocktails to keep everything refreshing and light.

Step 5: Garnish with Citrus and Fruit Slices

Flavor isn’t the only thing we’re looking for here. Rillet Spritz is all about aesthetics. Garnish cocktails with citrus or fruit slices. Lemons, limes, oranges and berries all work. Not only does it look beautiful, but it also infuses cocktails with a fresh, zesty flavor.

Combine all these beautiful flavors by gently stirring the drink before taking your first sip. Now it’s time to have some fun!are you saying cheers! Sante! again Chin-chin! You’ll love the summery simplicity of Lillette Rosé Spritz.

Tips for a successful Lillette Rosé Spritz

Try the garnish. Vary the cocktail’s finishing elements and fruit combinations to find your favorite flavor profile. One of the great things about this simple spritz is that it can be customized to your flavor preferences. You can add edible flowers, swap out liqueurs, or opt for flavored sparkling water. This is your spritz. Drink as you please.

Sweeten it. Do you prefer sweeter drinks? Omit the orange bitters and add a splash or simple syrup or sugar cubes.

Please replace the wine glass. Tall and elegant tumblers keep drinks cold and spritz look great.

Use frozen fruit instead of ice. drink slowly? Adding frozen strawberries to your cocktail keeps the spritz from getting too thin and adds a fruity flavor.

Adjust the ratio. Do you like the flavor of rillette rosé? You can always add more. Prefer a more frothy sipper? Add a dash of sparkling wine.

Cheers to mastering the art of Lillette Rosé Spritz! Enjoy family fun by the grill or gather friends for a garden party. No matter what you drink, enjoy a summer spritz.

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