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Tesla Giga Texas Model Y line to pause, split-shift workers to shift to Cybertruck: observer

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It looks like we’ll see some activity at Gigafactory Texas in the coming weeks. Observers at the facility say Tesla plans to suspend Giga Texas’ Model Y line for upgrades in early July. Some of the staff at the electric vehicle production facility will also reportedly be reassigned to Cybertruck.

Tesla’s Gigafactory is probably one of the most interesting automotive facilities on the market. So it’s no surprise that these factories receive constant attention from the electric vehicle community. Gigafactory Texas is certainly one of these locations, and the facility is regularly monitored by multiple dedicated drone operators.

Some of the most notable Giga Texas watchers include: Joe Tectmeyer, has documented progress since the early days of the Tesla site. Citing information he allegedly gleaned from various routes, as well as his own observations about the Giga-Texas complex itself, Tectmeyer said production of the Model Y is expected to be paused for upgrades in early July. pointed out. Downtime is expected to last approximately 5 days.

Gigafactory Texas is also reportedly moving away from the swing shift in favor of a simpler day/night shift system. Interestingly, the workers who were reportedly engaged in the swing shift of the Model Y line will reportedly dedicate themselves to the Cybertruck production line to complete testing and calibration. In this way, the Cybertruck line can enter production status. As Giga Texas Watcher points out, this will likely happen around July-August.

Considering the reported shutdown of the Model Y line in Giga Texas, production of the all-electric crossover will be put on hold in the short term as employees are trained for the vehicle’s revised production system. likely to decrease. However, Model Y production is expected to increase after this period, and while a weekly target has yet to be revealed, the revised line of all-electric crossovers will produce more than Model Y production. There is growing speculation that it is possible to achieve 5,000 per week previously achieved by Giga Texas.

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