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I Tried Ketamine Therapy, This is What Happened

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Unlock the secret code of life that connects you to your partner’s soul and jump dimensionally with teenage mutant ninja turtle. All he did was 57 minutes.

It sounds like a scene from a chaotic sci-fi movie, but it’s not. This is what I experienced when I first tried ketamine therapy. And maybe it just changed my life.

trip before trip

First, let me give you some context as to why we administer ketamine via an IV in the first place. believes psychedelic therapy is a way to help the subconscious connect the dots (we are not referring to using psychedelics for recreation). But the psychedelic journeys I’ve tried in the past have yet to be FDA-approved and were only accessible through the silent whispers of friends who know me.

When I learned that clinics offering ketamine treatment in New York were legal and offered medical supervision, I was intrigued. I think, but my brilliance has dulled over the past three years. Anxiety about the future, not enough, not enough, gathered like dust on the window sill.

When my friend told me Nushama, I had a whole body for a moment. One of the things I’ve used over the last decade is a very strong intuition. I tend to follow Jesus without question. After a medical evaluation, a conversation with your on-site physician, and a pre-session with an integrative therapist, you are ready to go.


I put on an eye mask and headphones, sat in a zero-gravity chair, and a nurse started an IV. My integration specialist took a deep breath as I relaxed into my journey. And there I was, like I was handed the keys to the Matrix. The experience was more sensory than visually based. I felt like I was in the perspective of a video game player, unlocking different levels and dimensions of life. I zoomed out of the physical realm and experienced my ‘self’ as my ‘soul’.

I realized that life in this physical realm was just a game and that we are all connected to something bigger. I realized that our souls were in another dimension, watching our physical selves interact and engage, and not taking things so seriously. I had the experience and the feeling of knowing everything. I know I am safe, prosperous and connected.

There was a point where I wondered if that was fair – am I so rich that other people are getting it too? Then I could see a wall of women’s faces behind the glass . It’s as if you need to break through it. And I got the message that I need to keep helping others.

My partner’s soul visited me at different parts of my journey.I could feel him, the feeling of home. There was a part where both of our souls were playing above and looking down on our physical form on earth. They remembered how they were connected in the realm and agreed to use those connections again when they lost their way.

post ketamine glow

I intentionally cleared my schedule for the next two days so I could soak up the post-ketamine glow. I feel it. Things that usually bother me make me giggle. When a critical thought comes to you, take it and gently set it aside and focus on the present. I feel more connected, more open, and the anxiety that was weighing me down seems to have dissipated.

It seems that the soot that has accumulated in my heart and soul has been swept away, and I am more like myself.

you are your own healer

I feel that ketamine therapy was a tool that helped me overcome some blockages that were circulating in my subconscious mind, but the work begins with the integration afterwards. It helped provide a ‘boost’, but ultimately it’s the choices I make on a daily basis that create lasting change.

It’s amazing how psychedelic therapy is becoming more accessible, but talk to your doctor or health care professional before trying anything. These are powerful substances that require thought and care and should not be taken recklessly. Be careful not to let these things distract you.

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