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Is credit card protection insurance worth it?

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Credit cards can offer many perks per read. For example, zero liability fraud protection, cash back, travel points, etc. These benefits are also available on select cards with no annual fee.

Then there are the not-so-free perks you can sign up for. Credit card compensation insuranceWe dug deep to see if this benefit alone is everything. Credit card purchase compensation, refund damaged or stolen items to the cardholder. )

When Credit card compensation insurance, or balance protection, where you pay a monthly premium to your card issuer. Typically 0.85% to 1% of your average monthly balance.if you can’t pay If you need to pay your bills due to a life event such as a job loss or health crisis, the insurance will kick in and cover the minimum payments for a limited period of time.

No late fees or credit scores to worry about, as we process minimal payments. However, your balance will likely continue to accrue interest, and the compensation will only apply to the balance you accumulated prior to the event.

There are several reasons why balance protection is not worth it.First, you can always listen Your credit card company for help when you’re in crisis without it Payment of insurance premiums. Putting those dollars into an emergency fund is probably also a better use of your money. Amex accepts). You can also maintain your livelihood by applying for unemployment benefits through the state.

If you’re determined to get coverage (you’re a die-hard knucklehead), we can’t stop you.Be sure to do the math and research all your options before making a decision. please give me.—Miriam

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