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These 9 Naturally Aspirated V8 Engines Are Absolute Junk

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A cubic inch under the hood and a V8 are essential for a gearhead that makes automotive dreams come true. but, V8 under the hood makes all the differenceYou won’t be smiling for long when you get one of these naturally aspirated junk motors.

America is the birthplace of the V8 and muscle cars are gearhead’s de facto majors. Once upon a time, the very idea of ​​swapping a V8 for something smaller was blasphemy. Despite the American’s love for the V8 engine, its design dates back to his 1904 French boatbuilder. Cadillac L-head on a 1914 Type 51 tank.

It’s surprising that the US automaker and V8 staunch supporter is also the worst offender when it comes to junk engines. Chevrolet’s C3 Corvette has launched well enough Over time, the engine becomes weaker and provides less power to its temporary owner. At least they had his SMOG regulations. On the other side of the Atlantic, Ferrari, Triumph and BMW weren’t so lucky.

9/9 Yamaha OX88 / Zakspeed 891

Yamaha OX88
Via Morio/Wikipedia

Yamaha engines have been at the heart of road and race cars for decades to varying degrees of success. However, his OX88 F1 3.5-liter F1 engine in 1988 did not live up to expectations. It was an epoch-making model at the time, utilizing Yamaha’s racing know-how in the Zakuspeed’s 5-valve configuration.

Zakspeed 891 - Front
Via AlfVanBeem

Unfortunately the pairing did not turn out to be a success and I attended two events but failed to qualify for both occasions.Smaller, lighter and boasts a higher rev limit Yamaha OX88 was underpowered at 560 hpThe OX88 was said to make only 60 horsepower and never competed again.

8/9 Triumph V8 / Triumph Stag

Trioumh V8 engine
Via Mecum Auction

As an automotive icon goes, the Stag wasn’t quite the winning success Leyland had hoped for. Despite his stylish Michelotti two-door his body, Stagg became more of an own goal due to late changes. Initially, Triumph planned to use the 2.5-liter straight-six from other cars.

Triumph Stag - Front
Via Mecum Auction

However, we have seen a late change in the design Automaker’s original 3.0-liter V8 engine adopted for mass-produced vehiclesIt is at this point that things start to go wrong. Triumph has managed to fit a larger engine under the hood at the expense of reliability. His V8 from Triumph is cheap but poorly designed and a piece of crap.

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7/9 Cadillac L62 V8-6-4 / Cadillac Coupe Deville

Cadillac L62 8-6-4 engine
Via Mecum Auction

For better or worse, the Cadillac Coupe Deville was a popular luxury car. In 1981, however, Cadillac went the self-destructive route and adapted the L62 8-6-4 motor standard. The idea behind variable displacement was genius at a time when fuel use and emissions were big news.

Cadillac Coupe Deville - Front
Via Mecum Auction

At cruising speed, The engine’s ECU has shut down more than one cylinder Make your car more efficient. In his first year alone, it was clear that the ECU lacked computing power despite software updates. Ask any IT geek about the impact a slow CPU has on performance, and most of them are slow to respond. Cadillac discontinued the L63 8-6-4 the following year.

6/9 Oldsmobile LF9 / Oldsmobile Cutlass

Oldsmobile LF9 diesel engine
Via BarnFinds

The LF9 diesel motor found in dozens of Oldsmobiles and GM-badged cars is a greasy example of cheap engineering gone awry. At the time, Oldsmobile followed other automakers on the dark path to oil-burning engines as a way to sidestep fuel usage and emissions concerns.

Oldsmobile Cutlass - Front
Via BarnFinds

Diesel engines are common in trucks meant for hard-working lives, but Oldsmobile made a few sleights of hand during the design phase. Opt to tweak existing 5.7 liter motor to run on diesel, Oldsmobile overlooked some important changes. That is, a higher compression ratio that resulted in the LF9 blowing gaskets regularly.

5/9 Chevrolet SBC 267 / Chevrolet Elcamino

El Camino 267 V8
bring the trailer

Specifying small blocks does not necessarily equate to lower power or performance. His ZR1 with his current LS9 engine is a great example of 639 horsepower on tap. But in 1979 Chevrolet dropped the ball with the trash-worthy 267 version right from the start.

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Chevrolet El Camino - Front
bring the trailer

Not a small factory, The 267 has found its way under the hood of the Chevy lineupFamous cars such as Camaro, Monte Carlo and El Camino. Exhausting 4.4 liters should give you good speed. But his F&G-bodied car with SBC 267 is a junker, thanks to his disastrous 120 horsepower peak output.

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4/9 Ferrari F106B / Ferrari Mondial 8

Ferrari F106B V8 engine
Via Mecum Auction

A cheap Ferrari is never a bargain. The Mondial may lure you in with a hint of Italian sporting pedigree, but it will certainly disappoint.Launched in 1980, the Mondial lacks enough power and style to deserve the Prancing Horse badge. It was the lowest point for Ferrari.

Ferrari Mondial 8 - Front
Via Mecum Auction

might exist 3.4 liter V8 engine mounted on the midship, but thanks to a pathetic 214 hp, it’s the slowest Ferrari ever. To be fair, the later variants were better, but the damage was already done.If you can live with a lukewarm 0-60 time of 8.4 seconds, the unreliable Bosch fuel injection It will change your mood.

3/9 Chevrolet L48 / Chevrolet Corvette C3

Corvette L48 engine
via corvette forum

Chevrolet, like other American automakers, faced a dilemma in the 1970s. That meant either putting in a smaller engine or reducing performance to meet emissions regulations. Naturally, Corvettes with fewer cylinders under the hood are not the same. Or? In hindsight, smaller than base C3 would be preferable.

Chevrolet Corvette C3 - Front
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In base spec, the Corvette still boasted a 350 V8 driving the rear wheels. But keeping the fun police happy means Detuned L48 drops 180 horsepowerBy the end of the decade, that figure had dropped even lower, putting the Vette within reach of even the slowest sedans.

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2/9 BMW N62 / BMW 750i

BMW N62 engine
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Smoke from the tailpipe is normal if not excessive. Smoke from under the hood is another issue, especially if you’re driving a BMW. Renowned for build quality, BMW has occasionally failed. Still, their engines are the best in the industry.

BMW 750i - front
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As of 2003, BMW’s N62 engines were all in good shape. Despite the latest design advances, V8 engines gained a reputation for excessive smokeThis problem is caused by a bad valve guide seal. However, digging deeper reveals that the N62 has additional issues with coolant and air leaks.

1/9 Ford Triton / Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

Ford 5.4 Triton engine
bring the trailer

Last but not least came to Ford in a junk engine. Dozens of cars and trucks have a Triton V8 under the hood, including his popular F-150 lineup. Most Triton V8s are naturally aspirated and he produced 250 horsepower, depending on model and year.

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor - Front
bring the trailer

Thinking of adding a blower? Not recommended. to be fair Self-draining spark plugs only affected the early two-valve Tritons.But the general poor build and reliability of the engine is reason enough to skip this one.

Source: Diesel World, Yamaha Motor, All Cylinders, BimmerLife

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