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Is Judging Others a Sin?

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When Jesus met a woman who had been found guilty of adultery, she had been judged and sentenced to be stoned, but it was Jesus who rose up to free her from her misjudgment ( John 8:7). In this account, many scholars believe that Jesus began writing in the sand all the sins of those who accused women. Perhaps Jesus was urging them to consider and deal with their own sins first before casting stones for the sins of women.

“How can you see the little dot in your brother’s eye and not notice the log in your own eye? Can you say, “I’ll take the dust out of your den?’ You hypocrite, first remove the log from your own eye, and then remove the speck from your brother’s eye so that you can see clearly.”Matthew 7:2-5).

Right judgment requires first dealing with one’s own sin and then clarifying how to help others who are prisoners of sin. Judging others by pride, comparison, or disrespect is a sinful act. Such judgments can harden our hearts, increase our arrogance, and hurt those who judge us.

“Brothers, do not speak ill of one another. He who speaks ill of a brother and judges a brother speaks evil against the law and judges the law. But if you judge the law Then you are not the enforcer of the law, but the judge. There is only one lawgiver and one judge, and he alone can save or destroy.But who are you to judge your neighbor?”James 4:11-12).

We should not judge others or treat them harshly in anger. The Apostle Paul warned against belittling others and judging other believers for minor differences, which can lead to infighting. Romans 14:1-13). Wrong judgment can divide the body of Christ. It can take us away from God and the work He is doing in our own lives, away from bearing the fruit of the Spirit and furthering God’s kingdom. When we judge with love and humility, we help to pursue righteousness and honor both God and others.

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