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Junkyard Gem: 1995 Toyota Paseo Coupe

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Toyota has sold the Tercel in North America for nearly 20 years since its inception. corolla tercel The Tercel appeared here in the 1980 model year (Tercel had nothing to do with the Corolla, but Toyota wanted the advantage of name recognition) until the Echo came along in 1999. Always unexciting transportation. Someone at Toyota decided that a sporty little coupe based on the Tercel was a great idea, and the Paseo was born. This is a rare second generation Paseo recently discovered in a wrecking yard in Colorado.

For 1995, the Paseo made a little more power than its brother Tercel with this DOHC 100 horsepower. 5E Fourbanger (the ’95 Tercel version of this engine produced 92 horses). This car weighed a little over a ton for him, so he must have been a little peppy.

However, some pep was siphoned off by this car’s automatic. The base transmission was a 5-speed manual (cheapest Tercels still had 4 on-the-floor manuals At the moment).

The Paseo got a sleek spoiler to match its sleek roofline.

How much? The 1995 Paseo automatic’s suggested retail price he was $14,228, about $28,183 in 2022 dollars. If you want to drive a manual transmission, a 5-speed ’95 Paseo is set for his $13,428 (he’s currently $26,598).

Meanwhile, Mazda sells the new MX-3 for $14,440 ($28,602 today). Honda Del Sol The cost is $14,780 ($29,276). Hyundai beat out everyone in the cute coupe market that year. scoop Starting at just $9,995 ($19,798).

Just over 150,000 miles, which is disappointingly low for a Toyota of this era (especially Best odometer reading I’ve ever seen in a Toyota junkyard was in Tercel).

In Australia, the new Paseo has helped attract feral cats.

Fast and noisy?that is sales point!

In its hometown, this car was known as the Cynos, which made passers-by dance in the streets. Yes, a convertible version was available, but only briefly in the US.

dance! dance!

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