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Junkyard Gem: 2004 Isuzu Axiom

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However, the last Isuzu-badged car sold in the United States was in 1993. isuzu stylus, Isuzu did very well in truck sales here for the rest of the 1990s.Things were still looking good for Isuzu as the new millennium began, but by then everyone Isuzu has stepped up its truck game, and many of its competitors’ offerings have made Isuzu feel dated. Isuzu made a distinctive new body for the rodeo chassis and arranged for it to be manufactured. Subaru’s Indiana plant, and called it an axiom. You don’t see many Axioms today, but I recently found an example of this last year of production in an Oklahoma City auto cemetery.

As we all know, Isuzu’s decline and decline in North America accelerated rapidly as the 2000s progressed. vehicle cross it was fun but just too strange And since 2001 that ax has been available. The increasingly obsolete Trooper he held out until 2002, the Amigo (aka Rodeo Sports) he held out until 2003, and he only kept his claws on until 2004 with Axiom and Rodeo. By 2005, only one new model had appeared. The Isuzu-branded passenger cars sold in the United States were his two rebadged Chevrolets.Pioneer) and i series pickup (colorado). In early 2009, Isuzu announced that it would exit, possibly permanently.still available Isuzu’s new commercial truck Here of course.

In 2004, Axiom’s MSRP started at $24,849 in the rear-wheel-drive S trim level and went up to $30,499 in the all-wheel-drive luxury XS. Equivalent to approximately $40,703 and $49,958 in 2023 dollars.

Joe Isuzu returns after 10 years of retirement Suggest an axiom. Note that Joe’s boast in this commercial is how the Axiom was cheaper than his Volvo Cross Country.

This truck is a cheap Axiom S 4×2 but still looks well equipped.

The 2004 Axiom’s 3.5-liter V6 engine puts out 250 horsepower and 246 lb-ft, up from 230 hp and 230 lb-ft for the 2002-2003 Axiom.

The power boost was the result of the ’04 Axiom’s switch to gasoline direct injection fueling. Isuzu is proud of this system and has given it these badges.

The only transmission was a 4-speed automatic.

The Axiom was introduced to the American public as follows. SPY mobile in the 2001 movie “Spy Kids.”

The body and interior of this vehicle are in good enough shape for a 19-year-old vehicle, so we can assume that it appeared in this location as a result of an expensive mechanical problem.

arrive at Joe Isuzu Ads will appear immediately. First, let’s look at how Isuzu did its marketing. I mark In the early days when we started selling our own cars in the United States (P’up pickup A year earlier than the I-Mark for American Isuzu dealers). This ad contains no aged well.

“You can never take something like that off-road. You should buy an Isuzu Axiom. It’s real world. “

For some reason, Joe Isuzu in the 21st century seems less appealing otherwise. Joe Isuzu’s constant lies in the 1980s.

“Do you want one?”

I can only hope that the Axiom with the Joe Isuzu mural on the bonnet still exists.

Joe can take the Toyota Highlander apart in a hurry.

He also worked on rodeo advertising at the same time.

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