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LG’s TVs That Roll Up Into the Roof of a Car Are My Childhood Dream Come True

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A person sits in the back seat of LG Display's self-driving concept car, watching a basketball game on a retractable OLED display that extends from the ceiling.

CES is a hodgepodge of tech you can actually buy in the next year and tech that probably won’t happen in the next decade. I really like LG’s display division let that imagination run wild at the show this year car of the future Take advantage of the flexibility of OLED displays to turn your backseat into a home theater away from home.

There are quite a few companies exhibiting at CES that are particularly excited about a future where self-driving cars become the norm and car passengers can focus on other distractions. Having a TV in a car is by no means a new idea.When I was a kid, our family van had a sturdy black and white set with a small screen mounted on a ceiling swivel. is mounted behind the

Last year at CES 2022, BMW unveils concept car with a function called theater screen: A 31-inch, ultra-wide, 8K display that backseat passengers can use to watch two different movies side-by-side. The downside to this idea is that passengers don’t always want a screen that’s sized to block their view, and the theater his screen flips up and out of the way of BMW’s padded headliner, sacrificing headroom inside the car. was to do

At CES 2023, LG Display is coming up with a better idea, like one of my childhood dreams came true. The company uses the same flexible OLED technology. $87,000 retractable TVturned upside down and pasted on the ceiling of the car.

A close-up of the ceiling of LG Display's self-driving concept car. It shows the roof ledge where the vehicle's retractable OLED screen rolls up.

When stowed and rolled up, the footprint is much smaller than what’s needed for a rigid LCD screen that flips out of the way, and still holds an ample 18-inch image for movies, TV, and even video calls. It will come true. It’s like a retractable shade you can sucker onto your car window, but it can make a two-hour drive feel like you’re flying in seconds.

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