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My Beauty Uniform: Mira Jacob

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mira jacob beauty uniform

Sometimes when you pick up a book you feel like you found it for yourself.I felt like I could finally read nice conversation by cultural critic Mila Jacob. This is a haunting, raw memoir about raising a son of mixed race, living through difficult times in the Trump era, and rethinking the past. Driven by humor and empathy, this book is for anyone questioning how we got to this place and how we bravely live within it. It is written.You may also be familiar with Mila award-winning novel again motivational essay, but what you may not know is that she is a bona fide beauty icon. (That hair! That style!) We’re talking motherhood, beauty, aging, and identity here…

mira jacob beauty uniform

Let’s start with your beautiful book, Good Talk. What inspired you to write a graphic memoir?
At the time, my son Z was obsessed with Michael Jackson and many of his questions about him were about race. For example, what color is Michael Jackson? All of these questions were also related to the protests that were taking place at that moment. Z asked, “Does being brown hurt people?” And instead of writing an essay about it, I drew the dialogue on printer paper surrounded by Michael Jackson albums in Z’s room. After that, I saw the sketch and thought as follows. this is a story.

The very beginning of this book is Michael Jackson. Were you surprised by the response?
What’s really funny about writing about race is that people always tell me this book is timely.but it is in the meantime Timely, folks. We were taught in school that racial oppression was cured by Martin Luther King, Jr., but this is a kind of time collapse, which is not accurate. A beautiful lie that people need to tell themselves. We have to stop telling that lie.

mira jacob beauty uniform

In this book, you honored all aspects of the aging process by portraying in great detail how the face of yourself and your loved ones changes over the years. Can you tell me what it was like?
One of the biggest secrets, especially for women, is how wonderful aging can be. My mother is one of the most beautiful women I know, and she’s also someone who doesn’t spend too much time trying to make herself a different kind of beautiful person. She spends more time enjoying her own body than fighting it. Now that I am older, I understand how revolutionary and wonderful it was for me to have that example. Because there was never an endless battle to save.

What unexpected things did you learn from becoming Z’s mother?
I never thought I would dig so deep. I knew this endless work would continue. And while it’s certainly not easy, no one gave me a note that I was going to spend the rest of my life with this really interesting person. Children will say and ask things that you might not expect. And it will open up a different way of life in the world.

mira jacob beauty uniform

He’s 14 now, right? What is it like to raise a teenager?
He’s the mayor of a small town in our neighborhood. The other day, as he passed someone, he was asked, “How is your knee?”

mira jacob beauty uniform

very. How have your beauty routines changed since becoming a mother?
I am very conscious of not being too judgmental about my appearance because I don’t want to be influenced by him. We all share the bathroom, so we change quickly and don’t wear much makeup. But when I do, he checks it for me. He is honest and will tell me if I do something wrong.

mira jacob beauty uniform

What is his feedback on your style?
He’s interested in fashion, so it’s a lot of fun. I think one day my pants were wrong. because he told me He’s one of the best designers on the planet. He loves jeans patches. I’m Johnny’s in the second year of junior high school!

babies’ mouths. Let’s talk about skincare.
Ah, I’m getting excited about skin care.my favorite is CE Ferulic by SkinCeuticals, I think this is a shining miracle. It smells like hot dogs, but it goes away quickly. my usual cleansing Cetaphil, I have dry skin so it maintains the PH.I usually do a peel like peter thomas roth exfoliating peel.I use korean brands for moisturizing berif aqua bomb cream.

mira jacob beauty uniform

how about makeup?
I am always looking for a black eyeliner that doesn’t smudge. Because I’m South Asian and waterline black eyeliner is our love language.i am very excited kulfi beauty eyeliner, but I want to try them all.i would like to get it their concealerBecause, like many South Asians, I have hyperpigmentation under my eyes. vaseline rosy lips Suitable for lips, cheeks and eyelids. Having this much in your makeup bag will make your life easier. It smells good and tastes delicious.But wait — did you know? loreal double extend mascara?

no! I would love to hear from you.
Try this combination. Shiseido Make an eyelash curler that gives a really nice lift and apply it. double extend mascara. The white side adds fiber to the lashes, so apply 3-4 times to keep the lashes firmly upright.swipe next under Apply the black side of mascara to your lashes and cover them from top to edge. Then apply black mascara as usual. That’s amazing!

mira jacob beauty uniform

I just took a mascara masterclass. can i talk about your hair? Very thick and glossy.
Many South Asian parents give their children a coconut or mustard oil scalp massage, which is incredibly relaxing. I still remember my kind father doing that to me when I was a child. It has made my hair very healthy. I try not to heat my hair in the summer.my shampoo L’Oreal Everpure, nothing fancy. Cleanse with vinegar once every three months. I also like a good haircut as my hair is very thick and needs to be layered and lightened regularly. It’s like having all your hair on the salon floor after you’re done. my only luxury Oribe dry texture spray,You smell so good. Drugstore version Kristen S. Working Texture Sprayis also amazing.

mira jacob beauty uniform

Are there any beauty icons you admire?
One is my mother. Another is Grace Jones. Beauty is often used against women. It comes with a lot of baggage and often with a lot of violence. She lived without fear of her beauty. And when it comes to style, I love all of Cate Blanchett’s choices.never wear her clothes she.I also like the clothes that Charlize Theron wears atomic blonde. Now, every time I go shopping, I think, “Buy me the sexiest Assassin outfit!”

mira jacob beauty uniform

Mila and writer Roxanne Gay

When you think about beauty, is there a difference between your inherited perception of beauty and the perception of beauty you currently hold in your heart?
As I wrote in my memoirs, my aunts often told me that because of my dark skin, they thought I was a very ugly child. It hurt so much. I didn’t really understand this perception of skin color until I went to India. Because my parents never told me about the color of my skin. Growing up in New Mexico, I certainly felt confident, but I also felt completely insane. There were very few Indians around me, which affected my perception of beauty. I have never considered myself beautiful or unbeautiful. But I knew I was different.

It’s nice to know that over the last decade women in general have become more admiring of dark skin, but I’ve always thought I look great in any color. Also, these days, curvaceous bodies are overflowing with great joy. Every time I slept with someone they were so excited about the juiciness of my body, but that’s not really the message to be seen in the public eye. The biggest evolution for me has been understanding that the known truths of my body are always valid.

mira jacob beauty uniform

can’t believe it. Last (two-part) question: Which of the beauty lessons you’re still learning have you mastered?
Now I’m torn between working hard to look the same, or letting go of that expectation. I love getting older and I’m surrounded by women who love getting older, but it’s hard to come to terms with it. I would like to clarify on that.

One thing I’ve learned is that most people think they’re really beautiful. When I look around me in the subway, I think, ‘This beauty we are born with’. We humans are bewildered, stupid, and kind animals in that we keep trying to understand each other. And when we can actually see each other, it feels like a glorious dawn. It’s like this: I see your beauty and I know mine too.

Thank you very much, mirror! (PS — Mila’s latest project in the works is a mystery novel, coming out soon, so stay tuned!)

P.S. More women are sharing their beauty, including photographers with stunning tattoos and comedians sharing their secrets for a good night’s sleep.

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(8th photo is In Kim, all other photos are Mira’s Instagram. )

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