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Need for Speed Unbound Review

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No other racing game released this year looks like Need for Speed ​​Unbound. Criterion is full of wild, animated visual flair that often seems lifted from the pages of comic books, even though the race’s actual driving and day-night split structure are instantly familiar. is working on Highly rated Need for Speed ​​Heat in 2019. The result is a racer with a unique style that looks pretty great in motion, but a jarring story His mode ends like a banana on a tailpipe, and the online mode simply feels stripped down and unfinished. You can

Heat barely did anything to revolutionize arcade racing, but it was a pleasant surprise to get a wobbly franchise back on track. To that endeavour, developer Ghost Games… disbanded, and the drunken series returned to the arms of former flame Criterion Games for Unbound, undergoing an impressive makeover, along with other visual customizations. Similar to parts, you can apply artistic decorations such as smoke and illustrations to your car. There’s a lot to choose from, but basically they all look pretty similar, with the main differences being mainly in the choice of smoke color and graphics that stick out like wings from the sides of the car. Limited. Or flashed on the roof like a little temporary hat. However, the effects you select apply globally to the entire garage, and it seems like an oversight to not be able to select bespoke effects for individual cars.

It’s flashy, eye-catching and very well made.

It’s all very stylish in a street art-like way into the Spider-Verse and I admire Criterion’s commitment to trying something that sets Need for Speed ​​apart from the rest. Flashy, eye-catching and very well made. It doesn’t look like a superficial layer of effects pasted onto the surface of the image. It definitely feels like it’s been baked into the 3D world. For example, the donuts look particularly cool because their special animations hold up well even with a highly dynamic camera.

However, the juxtaposition of unbounded cars (which continue to strive towards photorealism) and their cartoon characters and effects teeth something peculiar. It’s not offensive, especially given that there have been some major improvements in lighting since Heat, and that at its best Unbound looks like a highly stylized interactive trailer. But I can’t shake the feeling that it’s a compromise, coincidence or not, that it’s not treated in the same way as the modern Auto Modellista and 2020’s Inertial Drift. Was it controversial? probably. Division? that’s right. But I think it looked better than this mixed solution.

performance toning

Beneath the flashy effects, Unbound sticks more closely to Heat’s gameplay format than you might expect. This is not a bad thing. Heat was a very welcome post-Payback course correction and I enjoyed it. That said, Unbound isn’t something Criterion has really made its own mark on, like his critically acclaimed 2010 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit reboot, or his take on Need for Speed. , makes it feel like an evolution of Ghost’s work. Most wanted since 2012.

Unbound’s Chicago-inspired new Lakeshore map has some nice gridded streets and tunnels for urban racing, but compared to Heat’s neon-drenched Miami-like Palm City, the city itself is actually A little vanilla. The unbound countryside is also very typical and unmemorable. To be fair, this was also a criticism of the Heat. It’s just highways, back roads, and trees covered on some hills.There are some nice hillside segments with multiple switchbacks for drifting, but overall, it looks out of town. There is nothing particularly interesting about

In single player, Unbound’s cops work similarly to Heat’s, but a bit It’s easier to grasp this time. Unbound seems to be much better at detecting if I’m accelerating into clear space, so unlike Heat, just because I’m near a car the police would otherwise flee This happened quite often with Heat, so I’m glad it seems to have been addressed.

A strictly arcade-style driving model is also inherited from Heat. This means the car can adjust grip, drift, or a balance of the two. I don’t know if it’s my driving style or his handling setup on the slider, but the grips. In my experience, drift handling is more reliable and definitely my favourite. It also remains the ability to choose between the classic brake-to-drift cornering style or the extra pump on the throttle for going sideways. It is very wise to remain responsive to both camps.

Similar to heats, the races are split into day and night events, but Unbound has adjusted the formula slightly. Heats alternate between sanctioned street races during the day and illegal evening events, but all unbound racing is prohibited for 24 hours. The police heat built up during the day carries over into the night, so it’s an interesting act of juggling to determine how much police attention you get in the evening. Higher paying races require higher initial heat levels. but it also requires a higher buy-in. So you can actually lose money if you do poorly, especially since Unbound his limit is restarted.i am not Overall Generally sold at a gambling angle due to some very questionable manipulation by the AI ​​stacking decks against me, but with more lines, in an almost satisfying way Tensions rise.

Honorably, Unbound progression isn’t built on the premise of winning every race you encounter.

Honorably, Unbound’s progression isn’t built on the premise of winning every race it encounters. It can certainly be a little daunting early on to rack up the cash you need to have.

With three levels of difficulty, Unbound can be a tough test regardless of your choice. Occasionally it crosses the line from tough to cheap, even with the AI ​​racers going in front so fast and perfect driving and boosting I just can’t stop them from gaping me There was a case

Having your opponent’s speed more or less match yours in the milliseconds that trigger a nitro boost isn’t unique to Unbound. This is a common complaint with various arcade racers, but it’s a problem that boost he tends to leave the system. Feeling helpless and helpless. But what’s more annoying is when you blow past a crashed enemy and supernaturally respawn in front of me on the track. To do. Especially if you’ve bet extra in-game cash to beat them and the restart is gone.

Even in the mildest settings, Unbound’s AI racers can be unexpectedly competitive. I was definitely a little surprised at how ruthless the so-called “relaxed” setting was watching my kids struggle to keep up. At least I frowned on conversation whenever I wasn’t busy.

ok zoomer

Heat’s script wasn’t accurate enough to win a bunch of Primetime Emmy Awards, but was A fun pivot away from the pish that was payback. Unbound feels like a step back from that. The overall story itself is innocuous enough, but the banal cocktail of 2020s teenage angst and Tik Tok philosophy definitely pushed me to the limit. , the cast of personal liberties being protected as I wonder if they’re sick of home minivans being shoved off the road by 900 hp JDM missiles and innocent commuters being swept off their shoulders. It’s a little hard to empathize with the constant whining. Suppressed by traffic laws intended to curb manslaughter by blind vehicles.

To be fair, I’m not sure there’s an elegant way for a 28-year-old franchise like Need for Speed ​​to truly speak to all audiences at once. I hesitate to suggest that veteran players from the mid-90s will feel very represented in Unbound. Certainly by these young and slim Instagram influencer avatars whose fashion aesthetic looks like a drug dealer at a music festival, or a drug dealer at a football match, or some weird off-brand Al Yankovic. Not. The mechanical expression made possible by the deep car customization that previous developer Ghost began reinjecting into the series in 2015’s Need for Speed ​​reboot has universal appeal. and tone.

There is definitely a generational divide in terms of character and tone.

there is teeth Crossplay-enabled online multiplayer has done away with it and is just another mode focused purely on racing and riding upgrades, so how to get into Unbound without this story layer. . Online mode is missing quite a few features at launch. The biggest of which is the cop. Equally unfortunate, when we say that online and single player are “separate”, we mean completely separate. Single-player garages and progress are not shared online, so you’ll need to build a new stable. After spending 30 or so hours on him getting to the top of story mode, I have to admit that the prospect of starting from scratch online really cleared my donut block.

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