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Nervous About Receiving Oral? 9 Proven Ways to Relax & Enjoy Oral Sex

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How to Relax and Enjoy Oral Sex #3:

accept the gift

Receiving it verbally can be really vulnerable, not just because of the pressures and anxieties already mentioned.

To receive, you must open yourself.

You must release your guard and let your partner in.

But the vulnerability is even more serious.

Receiving pleasure, or feeling good in your body, is an act of self-love and self-worth. And in our current culture, that’s not what we’re good at.

Think how difficult it is to receive a compliment. you ever do:

  • Do you humbly try to deny praise?
  • Do you mumble “thank you” while awkwardly avoiding eye contact?
  • Do you deflect compliments entirely by giving them in return?

Getting oral sex can be equally difficult. We must push the boundaries of our comfort zone by consciously embracing love and gratitude.

But know this – you deserve it. you deserve to feel better. You deserve to be worshiped, loved and adored. completely innocent.

Just being aware of this can make a huge difference in how you receive oral sex. And you can take it a step further by setting the intention to really focus on the act of receiving.

Feel yourself opening up, feel your heart expanding, feel the love and appreciation your partner is showing you.

Feeling and enjoying oral sex sends a powerful message to yourself that you are worthy. It is radical self-love and sexual healing mixed in one.

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