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New Yakuza game Like a Dragon Gaiden trailer revealed

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Upcoming details and new screenshots Yakuza / Like a Dragon Spin-off game, concise name Like a Dragon Gaiden The Man Who Erased His Namehas been picked up on the PlayStation Store price tracking website, PS deals.The game is reportedly set to release the following day November 9, 2023.

Presumably the scraped data appears to be gone from the site now, but it was there long enough to be picked up by news outlets such as: Kudamatsuwho reproduced them.

The game was supposedly set to be unveiled in full at the RGG Summit showcase hosted by developer Yakuza Studio. June 16, 2023.

[Update: A new trailer for Like A Dragon Gaiden debuted at the Summer Game Fest 2023 showcase, confirming its release date of 9 November 2023]

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[The original story follows below]

These official details have reportedly leaked, but at least we should be able to expect some kind of trailer or gameplay demo to be revealed during the Summit.

spoilers for Like a Dragon Gaiden and Yakuza 6 Life Poetry follow

Image: Yakuza Studio

As I expected, Like a Dragon Gaiden Revisit stories from previous primaries Yakuza Follows the events of Kazuma Kiryu, the main character of the series. Yakuza 6. Currently, he has the codename “Joryu” and seems to be participating in covert operations, but for whom it is unknown.

The game is said to be set in the fictitious Sotenbori (which corresponds to Osaka in real life) and Yagahama in the real world. Yakuza 7 and lost judgment. There’s also his third location, called “Castle of Mystery,” which, judging by the screenshots, looks like a ostentatious red-light district.

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Reportedly, the official explanation states that Kiryu “fakes his own death and abandons his name to protect his family,” but has now gone into hiding.

One of the main features is Like a Dragon Gaiden is an entirely new fighting style, coexisting with the chaotic street brawl traits Kiryu has used in several games. The two styles are called “Yakuza” and “Agent”.

Image: Yakuza Studio

The new “Agent” style seems to focus on speed and accuracy, as well as the use of high-tech gadgets to stun and incapacitate enemies. This contrasts with the traditional “yakuza” style, which leverages bare strength and aggression, perhaps using environmental objects to provoke an amusing amount of violence.

This description should raise some eyebrows as it also mentions some of the mini-games and side activities that have become synonymous with the series, such as karaoke, slot car races, and a live-action cabaret club. A character named Akame, described as an “informer”, serves as a vector to the game’s submissions.

Image: Yakuza Studio

Like a Dragon Gaiden seems to be released on November 9, 2023 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Here’s the official description from the PlayStation Store: Provided by: Kudamatsu via PS deals.

Like A Dragon Gaiden The man who erased his name

Erase the past and save the future

Kazuma Kiryu, once a legendary yakuza, faked his own death and abandoned his name to protect his family. Now he’s embroiled in a conflict with a mysterious figure trying to get him out of hiding.

Under the codename “Jo Ryu”, Kiryu embarks on a gripping action story with bone-crushing combat in vibrant locations filled with exciting characters and activities.

Image: Yakuza Studio

Ultimate combat with two high-impact fighting styles

Dynamically switch between yakuza and agent fighting styles in intuitive melee combat.

In his Ryu ga Gotoku style, he uses Kiryu’s unparalleled strength and flair to unleash violent, aggressive moves that inflict fear on his enemies.

Alternatively, you can level up even further by striking agents-style with absolute speed and precision, and using high-tech gadgets like electrified bind wires to stun and blow enemies away.

Adapt to the situation strategically, leveraging both styles to dominate and destroy hordes of enemies.

endless entertainment

Brawl in Castle’s secret arena, sing new karaoke, enjoy drinks in live-action cabaret clubs, race in pocket circuits, and more – the world offers immersive experiences.

An intriguing informant named Akame also offers thrilling submissions that draw you into an epic showdown that unfolds as you enjoy exploring Sotenbori, Yokohama, and a mysterious castle.


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