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Not vaccinated against Covid? It could raise your auto insurance rates

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Those who choose not to get the COVID vaccine are more than 70% more likely to be in a serious car accident than the average driver, thanks to a new study that found unvaccinated drivers You may pay when your insurance renews. So does this mean that vaccinated people are benefiting from 5G superpowers? No, the study authors say. This is just one example of people exhibiting multiple types of risky behavior.

the study, was announced in American Journal of Medicine (to h/t luck) assessed the accident reporting and vaccination status of over 11 million drivers in Ontario, Canada from 2021 onwards in early December. Of these, 75% (5,000) were not vaccinated. When assessed against other known conditions, the estimated risk magnitude (72%) was similar to that associated with sleep apnea, smaller than that associated with alcohol abuse, and diabetes greater than the increase.

“Our data do not explore potential causes of vaccine hesitation or unsafe driving,” said the study’s authors. beliefs, which contribute to both vaccination preferences and increased traffic risks.Another explanation is misconceptions about everyday risks, reliance on nature conservation, antipathy to regulations, chronic Poverty, exposure to misinformation, inadequate resources, or other personal beliefs. Alternative factors include political identity, negative past experiences, limited health literacy, or suspicions about public health guidelines. may include social networks that lead to

In other words, skipping vaccinations doesn’t actually increase your chances of a car crash. It simply means that you are likely the type of person who would have had an accident… ticket history, points, or other factors such as bad credit. High premiums don’t mean your car is inherently unsafe. In many cases, it is just as relevant (if not more) to the type of drivers that the car normally attracts. In mathematical science every data point matters.

The authors said the study refutes several other widely held misconceptions. First, it shows that the poor are disproportionately involved in road accidents, in contrast to claims that road safety is independent of health inequalities. More pertinently, it contradicts claims that social distancing reduces serious traffic accidents and corroborates other reports of an increase in highway fatalities since the onset of the pandemic. increase.

But consider this: What if instead of drivers getting worse during COVID, risk-takers were far more likely to be on the road during the pandemic in the first place?

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