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Old Dodge pickups get some love from New Era Performance

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Plenty of money continues to blow hot air into the niche automotive market. AMC Javelin AMX Evaluation Curve soon? There were two big ramifications. The first is enthusiasts looking to models that weren’t as well-loved as hobby cars. The second is the news of more Restmodders producing gorgeous examples of vehicles that have yet to see their day. Pickup trucks attract the attention of the latest vintage Fords and Chevrolets most beloved restmods. drive paid attention To A new era of performance Third generation Dodge specialty store in Pennsylvania. The owner, Charlie Pitcher, seems to have self-taught his restmod school by making each hand-made part he has. A Business Called Metal by CharlieAll his talents combined could result in a custom-built $100,000 diesel-powered conglomerate like the Teal truck above.

Dodge stuck with its third generation pickup for an unexpectedly long time, from 1972 to 1993. The truck above is an early 3rd generation Dodge pickup body stripped of the bare metal shell over his much more powerful 1992 Dodge Ram chassis. In 1978, Dodge dabbled with only his two-year-old Mitsubishi diesel engine and returned to oil burners in 1989 with Cummins B-series engines. New Era sticks to his Cummins, with everything from his updated and lightly modified 4-cylinder engine to Banks Big Hoss with a huge Garrett turbo. The front axle is on ride-height suspension and the rear axle is on long-travel leaf springs. The interior has been completely redone, down to new door cards and custom speaker grills.the pitcher said drive“A lot of what we build is pretty over-built. Our main focus is on the powertrain and suspension, so everything is durable and easy to It’s built to get the job done. Simple and reliable.”

Not all new trucks cost $100,000. The custom parts catalog is the weak point of the 3rd generation with $29 for the stainless steel intake flange and $35 for the door handle backing plate.company 1993 Dodge Power Ram 350 Cummins Dual When I brought the trailer in late last year, the truck had a frame-off refresh and a 6-speed manual transmission replacement among the custom work. The winning bidder paid him $42,350.The pitcher said, “Otherwise [customers] Specifies a full rebuild.I usually find one with low mileage and low mileage [truck] For those ready, a full custom job will take that six numbers plus 12-18 months of build time.

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