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Our Favorite Leftover Ham Recipes

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Ham is a holiday favorite and the perfect Sunday dinner! I love it roasted in the oven, slow cooked or smoked. Add sweet caramel glaze, salt, pineapple, or mustard.

As much as we love our main event, we think we love leftovers even more. Below are our favorite leftover ham recipes.

A collage of your favorite leftover ham recipes and titles
table of contents
  1. what to do with leftover ham
  2. How to store leftover ham
  3. main ham recipe
  4. ham casserole recipe
  5. ham sliders and sandwiches
  6. ham soup recipe
  7. ham breakfast recipe
  8. Other Ham Favorites
  9. 10 Other Ways to Use Leftover Ham

what to do with leftover ham

My family prefers glazed ham to turkey and I love how easy it is to make! It requires very little prep work (especially if you’re cooking spiral ham or cooking in an air fryer).

But one of the best parts of a big meal (like a grilled ham dinner) is the leftovers. Start by reheating leftover ham slices and eating them as is, or get creative with your favorite leftover ham recipes below!

How to reheat leftover ham

You can reheat them in the oven by placing them in a shallow baking dish with 1/2 cup of broth and heating at 325°F for 20-25 minutes. Try using the fryer at 350°F for 3-5 minutes. The time will vary slightly depending on the size of the ham, how you cut it (thick or thin), and how much ham you are reheating.

How to store leftover ham

Prosciutto will keep for 4 days in the refrigerator and longer in the freezer. Dice and pack 1 cup for easy use in recipes! Ham bones make a great soup. You can store it in the freezer and use it as soon as it is frozen!

  • refrigerator: Leftover ham (spiral or otherwise) can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. (This includes leftover sandwich meat hams once opened). It will last longer if refrigerated.
  • freezer: Leftover ham must be tightly sealed (or vacuum sealed) and leftovers can be frozen for up to 2 months.

main ham recipe

Ham is so versatile that there are many recipes that use ham as an ingredient. Because of its smoky flavor, it’s a great substitute for chicken or other proteins in almost any soup, stew, or casserole. increase. This is the perfect recipe for any leftover ham.

See all ham recipes
  • The Black Eyed Peas recipe (with ham) is a bit like soup, but less soup. It is thick and full-bodied, and is perfect as a side dish for rice.
  • Chicken cordon bleu is chicken breast wrapped in cheese and ham. Look at that photo! Very hard to resist.
  • Ham balls are made from ground ham and covered in a sweet red sauce.This recipe is definitely a keeper.
  • Linguine carbonara is a creamy Italian dish with white sauce and ham. very delicious.

ham casserole recipe

Ham casseroles are a great way to use up ham and usually come with simple ingredients and easy instructions. Whether you’re craving something cheesy, creamy, or loaded with veggies, here are some favorites!

ham sliders and sandwiches

One of the great things about leftover ham is that you can enjoy it hot or cold, sliced, diced, or minced. Anything goes! Top it on a salad, garnish your favorite pasta salad, or sandwich it in the middle of grilled cheese. The possibilities are endless!

  • A ham salad is a great way to use leftover ham or toss it between two slices of white bread.
  • The Monte Cristo Sandwich is the king of grilled cheese sandwiches.

ham soup recipe

Leftover diced ham adds flavor to soups and stews. It pairs well with sweet vegetables such as corn and sweet potatoes, and adds great flavor to creams and potato-based soups.

Ham and corn chowder is an easy weekday meal with lots of corn, veggies, bacon and ham. This corn soup recipe is rich, creamy and delicious.

Wondering what to do with leftover ham? Split pea soup is a very flavorful dish! It’s a rich and full-bodied soup made with edamame and ham cooked in a delicious broth.

Ham and Bean Soup is an easy “no soak” recipe. Perfect for leftover holiday ham. This takes only minutes to prepare and can easily be cooked all day in your slow cooker.

Looking for a hearty soup to feed a crowd? This ham and lentil soup is so easy to make! It is very delicious when made with ham bones or leftover diced ham! Serve with crusty bread for the perfect meal!

ham breakfast recipe

Start your day with one of these delicious ham recipes. Ham is lower in fat than sausage or bacon and adds a delicious smoky flavor, making it a great breakfast treat! Chop it up and add it to an omelet, or reheat slices of ham in a skillet and top with a poached egg. !

Other Ham Favorites

10 Other Ways to Use Leftover Ham

Ham is a cut of meat that is very easy to prepare. Use instead of chicken or ground beef. It also makes a great sandwich or is great for snacking on its own!

  1. Add it instead of chicken for a simple fried rice recipe!
  2. Replace the chicken in your favorite chicken pot pie recipe.
  3. Ham is fried and served on toast with cheddar cheese and mustard for a simple ham sandwich.
  4. Top your favorite pizza dough with ham (or add it to a frozen pizza).
  5. Finely chop the remaining ham and add it to the buttered peas.
  6. Garnish your favorite baked potato with butter, sour cream, cheddar cheese and ham for an easy meal.
  7. Add ham and cheddar to homemade biscuits and serve hot with butter.
  8. Add ham to almost any pasta salad recipe or macaroni salad!
  9. Serve with diced ham on scrambled eggs or omelets.
  10. Chopped and served with mashed potatoes or mashed potato cake

Leave a comment below and let us know your favorite leftover ham recipes!

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