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Outfit Ideas and 5 Things to Pack

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What would become of me if my Pinterest feed was dominated by soft linens on the lawn, wine glasses catching the glint of the sun, straw baskets filled with flowers, and rosé under the dappled light? You don’t even have to type “picnic aesthetics” into the search bar. I know. I’m a girl on a mission to romanticize my life. Don’t bring that red gingham thing with you when you’re snacking in the sun*. I need something soft and supple. You will need a loaf of baguette and a wide-brimmed hat. I need a dress that proclaims, “I am the hero of a love story.”

And the peculiarity of these charming picnic situations is that they all scream: easy. But there is a problem for me. I’ve been known to pack a Yeti cooler and climb onto a picnic table. An assortment of “just in case” snacks.i want all The beauty and simplicity of a dream picnic.

Thankfully, Camille and the team worked together to bring this Pinterest-worthy vision to life.Isn’t this the aesthetics of a picnic Really So easy yet so inspiring? The answer, happily, is this. Oi! With a few perfectly Parisian picnic outfits by Cézanne (where else?) and a set of five simple pieces, you’ll be ready for the sounds of summer and the mesmerizing Texas wildflowers. We left in the afternoon surrounded.

*Don’t be fooled, I’m a gingham girl all July.

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Picnic Outfit Ideas Inspired By French Girls

Before you pack your picnic basket, let’s talk about your outfit. Surprisingly, what you wear may be the most important part of this whole picnic ordeal. The psychology of fashion is backed by science, but I think we all agree on the anecdote that how you dress affects your mood. Some things are non-negotiable when it comes to picnic clothing (e.g. clothes that are easy to sit on), but what you wear sets the tone for the whole experience.

When it comes to conveying effortless romance, no one does it better than Paris-born Césanne. High-quality and feminine items that go beyond trends are available. Dresses, shirts, pants and accessories are timeless closet staples for picnics and beyond.

Outfit Option 1: A wavy dress made for movement

A dress is essential for summer. Personally, I’m always looking for something with a little romance, like ruffles, lace, or puff sleeves. You will be able to dress down with sneakers or dress up with strappy sandals. For a picnic, you want something that won’t get caught or ride up, so the more volume the better.

Outfit Option 2: A classic and sophisticated shirt and shorts combination

What I do know for sure is that every chic Parisienne has a classic button-down hanging in their closet. And it’s probably exactly like this. A more sophisticated take on the old summer days of running around the neighborhood in denim cutoffs, perfect for picnics.

Outfit Option 3: A shirt dress with the best of both worlds

If you’re wondering whether to wear a dress or a casual button-down, there’s a clear answer. It’s a shirt dress. It’s breathable on hot days and looks chic, making it perfect for outdoor picnics.

What to Bring for a Beautiful Picnic

I like to think of the picnic aesthetic as impulsive yet subdued.It was like, ‘Oh, look! The sun is shining and I’m absolutely Must Stay outside! “But first, this kitchen is empty, so I’m going to the market,” he mixed. A picnic can be a party with someone or a date with your significant other or others. Either way, all you need for a delicious and (let’s be honest) photogenic spread are these five items that require no prep work.

  1. Chilled rosé. A bottle of wine or champagne makes the perfect picnic gem. Sip slowly and let the effervescence take you to a world where wildflowers and poetry become your whole personality.
  2. Freshly baked baguette. if there is one What I learned from the French is that a baguette isn’t a baguette unless it’s fresh from the boulangerie. But if there’s no bakery on the way from home to your chosen flower garden, you’ll never know.
  3. cheese. of course, there should be cheese. Pick just one favourite, or choose one soft cheese and one hard cheese for a contrast of flavors.
  4. stone fruit. Sturdy, colorful, and no slicing required. Of course, if you’re going on a picnic outside of summer, choose the tastiest seasonal fresh fruit. (Jam can also be used in case of emergency.)
  5. salty nuts. Every good spread needs a salty punch to really sing. For the beauty of taste and color, generously stuffed with shelled pistachios.

get the essentials

To truly recreate the romantic atmosphere of a picnic, grab a few extra items to set the stage. First, ditch the traditional picnic blanket and use a neutral sheet or tablecloth (This linen table throw is actually made for a picnic). Pro Tip: We’re after beauty, but we’re not here to spoil something great.bring waterproof mat Perfect for laying under cloth. Light and easy to put in your basket. Then stuff only what you need to make the spread effective. small cheese boarda cheese knife, and of course a wine glass (or two).

The finishing touches to express the beauty of a picnic

Finally, take your picnic to the next level with two of the most romantic things on God’s green earth: words and fresh flowers. Write a novel or an anthology of poetry. Even better, bring a journal to write down your words. There’s no shame in buying yourself flowers or picking a few along the way. Even a few flowers can add a touch of whimsy to your picnic spot, as if you’ve stepped into your own secret garden.

Finally, tell the truth. Life is far from always romantic. ~Dream~Have you stepped into multiple ant piles on your way to your field location? absolutely. But this is the moment to embrace the wonders of everyday life, pesky ant piles or not. It may sound dreary, but the joie de vivre lies precisely in the journey, and often in our choices. It is the lens through which we choose to view life. So put on your rosé glasses. wearing a dress Pour in the wine. Pretend you understand the poem. And embrace your special moments for what they are—totally romantic.

The joie de vivre truly lies in the journey, and often in our choices. It is the lens through which we choose to view life.

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