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Porsche Cayenne gets a high-tech, driver-focused interior makeover

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Porsche is preparing a major update to the Cayenne inside and out. We haven’t seen the SUV’s exterior yet, but the Stuttgart-based company has released the first official images of its redesigned interior with technology and driver engagement in mind.

The designers took inspiration from other members of the Porsche family, including the Taycan and 911, and tweaked the Cayenne’s interior. One of the biggest changes is between the front seats. The gear selector has been moved from the center console to a panel neatly positioned between the digital instrument cluster and the infotainment system’s touchscreen. Much smaller than before, it looks a lot like the unit installed in the current generation 911. This change allowed Porsche to redesign the center console. On each side he has two handles, a glass face with buttons to adjust the temperature control system, a more generously sized storage bin and black trim.

The driver faces a redesigned 911-inspired steering wheel and a curved free-standing 12.6-inch digital instrument cluster. It’s completely digital. Porsche has gotten rid of the analog tachometer found in the current generation Cayenne. There is no binnacle on the cluster like the Taycan, and an anti-glare filter ensures that the displayed information is visible regardless of lighting conditions, the company says.There are up to seven configurations available. They range from a fairly classic layout with a central tachometer to the new minimalist mode Porsche has created to reduce distractions.

The infotainment system’s 12.3-inch touchscreen remains embedded in the dashboard, but there’s an additional (optional) 10.9-inch display positioned at the passenger’s line of sight. This feature has several purposes. First, the passenger in the passenger seat can enter their destination into the navigation system or change the music to keep the driver focused on the road ahead. Meanwhile, passengers in the passenger seat can also stream videos and other digital content to pass the time. A special filter ensures that the driver cannot see what is being displayed on the passenger-side touchscreen. Is not … If you look to the left of the new digital cluster, you’ll see a new start/stop button instead of the twist-hi fob sticking out like Porsche’s traditional key. If this is the direction of the future, I miss the nice, tactile action of powering up my Porsche.

Porsche calls this new layout Driver Experience.

“There are a lot of companies talking about user experience. We have a big sports car heritage, so we are a sports car brand. is arguably the most important person in the industry: the car,” explains Ivo van Hulten, Director of Driver Experience Programs. He added that customer feedback has shaped most of the updates made to the Cayenne, which is to be expected, but interestingly enough, the company has only sent in updates from current SUV drivers. We have analyzed the comments on the full range.

The list of standard features expands with a wireless charger and a cooled smartphone storage area that doubles as a USB-C port for front and rear passengers. A new trim piece, including a horizontal strip that accentuates the width of the dashboard, rounds out the changes inside.

We’ll have to be patient to find out how the designers have updated the Cayenne’s exterior, but the sketch you can see in the gallery at the top of this post looks like a 911-esque light bar across the back end. Here’s what it looks like. There should be a big change in the spec as well. Porsche has already hinted at a new chassis and his three plug-in hybrid powertrains designed to increase electric-only range. Management confirmed that the Cayenne, the world’s best-selling Porsche, is about to get “one of the most comprehensive upgrades in his company’s history.”

The redesigned Porsche Cayenne will make its official debut at the Shanghai Motor Show on April 18th.

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